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New Email

Since we have changed the name of our community (from Equus-Sims to Equus), we have also changed our domain and emails. If you need to contact an Equus admin, please email admin@equus.community or send a message on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/equus.community/


Posted By Janelle Forsyth on 20th Apr, 2017.


Hello everyone!

Equus-Sims has hired a dedicated new member manager who clears accounts every few days. If you have not been accepted within a week please contact Tori Belliard on the ES forum, the Equus-Sims page on Facebook, or e-mail admin@equus-sims.com

Please remember to follow all of the getting started rules. Happy Simming!

Posted By Tori Belliard on 23rd Aug, 2016.

Queue Cleared

Sorry guys approvals were slow the last couple of months because I was finishing off my PhD... 4 years' worth of work and I have submitted my thesis - finally - so I have a lot more time on my hands now!

Thanks to everyone for your patience!

Most main site accounts were approved without a hitch. The rest of you need to check your date of birth (this is your REAL date of birth) and use a name that fits our requirements (realistic Firstname Lastname - not your stable name, not rainbow unicorn, not 1234 1234...)

A lot of people were declined from the forums for not having a matching name. Remember your forum LOGIN name must match your main site FIRST and LAST names - not your main site login. These are the names members see and we need to be able to tell who is who one the main site and forums.

Posted By Morgan Cameron on 9th Oct, 2015.

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