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Firstly, welcome to Equus! We are very happy to have you here, whether you're just visiting or are planning to join the family. Below is a checklist of sorts, to help you get approved on the main site and on the forum, and to make joining our community a little bit easier for everybody!

Step 1 - Joining the "Main Site"

The first step to joining Equus is to make an account on this site. To sign up, click Register and fill out the membership application.

  • You must be 13 or older to join Equus, either on the main site or on the forum!
  • You may provide a relevant avatar. Here's an example that you are free to use. Please right click the image and save it, then upload it to imgur.com. Once uploaded, copy the DIRECT LINK and paste the link into the avatar URL field on your application. An avatar is not compulsory to join and you can always change it later.
  • Your username for logging onto the main site may be anything you like but try to choose something memorable! This will not be visible to anyone except staff. You will also be asked to choose a 'sim name' that will appear on your profile and be the name you use on the forum. This can be changed later but you must choose something that is believable and in a Fristname Lastname format (for example 'Sarah Jane', 'John Doe', 'Elizabeth Nelson' etc). Names that are 'unrealistic' such as 'Pony Unicorn' won't be accepted.
  • We love to see fully fleshed out profiles, so please take your time to be creative with your biography and other characteristics!

Step 2 - Joining the Forum

The forum is where most of the action happens on Equus so you will want to make a forum account right away. To join the forum, go here.

  • You must join with the following username format: "Jane Doe" - Spacing between names IS allowed and required because the name needs to MATCH your main site account! When we're going through approvals in the forum member queue, the first thing we do is cross reference the names on the main site, so if your username is different or in the wrong format, you will be deleted. They. Must. Match!

Step 3 - Awaiting Approval

If you've carefully read and followed these instructions, it makes our job a lot easier, and thus, you'll get approved much faster. When you have been approved, you should be able to successfully login to the main site and forum. After joining please head on over to the Blogs forum and introduce yourself! If you're having trouble getting approved, fear not, staff members are standing by to help. Head on over to the Help Desk on our forum to post as a guest for help.

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