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Luke Teth
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Player Info

Deep-Friend PB&J • Royal Blue
Available Credits 231
Available Funds $1,525,615

Player's Stables

ID Stable Name Prefix Location Value Type
1733 Out West Operations OWO Liora, Praaven $420 Private
2078 Draconis Park Draconis a hole somewhere, americana $420 Private
2079 Dapper Fellows Fields DPPR a bigger hole, amiercanana $1,337 Private

Player's Horses

ID Name DOB Color Breed Sire Dam
420 no-name 01/12 Trakehner
1337 WPW Catch A Bird 10/17 Bay Brindle Thoroughbred SAEC Stunning Evil MSE Blissful Deception
1504 UW Artisan 11/12 grey tobiano Irish Sport Horse UW Art Nouveau UW Classic Antonia
6040 MSE Requiem of a Dream 06/13 Perlino Dun Varnish Appaloosa Nez Perce MSE Shakhid MSE The Memory Remains
6253 Silver's Titan 09/13 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Silver's Pegasus Silver's Star Potential
6390 Argonaut NC 06/09 Bay Trakehner ANTRITT NC VERIDIA NC
6647 DMS Eclipse 10/13 Buckskin Belgian Warmblood DMS Goldfever DMS Cassandra
6688 ILA Caprica 09/13 Bay Hanoverian LEC Call Me Constantine Georgia Clipper .BV
7123 PX Lady of Cambridge 09/13 Grey (Black) Hanoverian KS Mr Fanta Pants ILA/EEC Mango Madness
7472 MSE Enrika 09/13 Bay German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) MSE Guardian of Eden MSE Hello Hurricane
7614 MSE Granberia 04/13 Dappled red dun International Sporthorse SME American Dream MSE Hello Hurricane
7674 MSE Pareidolia 07/13 Gray Overo Irish Sport Horse FAA Warrior's Call MSE From Dust Returned
7766 MSE It's My Character Arc, Morty 08/13 Light Palomino German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) SME American Dream MSE Whim of the Ruling Class
8140 KA Intricate 12/12 Bay Sabino Thoroughbred Yes Its True* Puchi Trap*
8544 RDEC Vaccanta 01/13 Flaxen Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC TRINIDAD RDEC VOCCARDIEU
8610 MSE Desperate Measures 07/13 Smoky Black Splash Thoroughbred Desperate Times. Never Learn.
8726 Poetry Hit L 01/14 Chestnut Danish Warmblood Poetry in Motion L Moulin Rouge L
9853 MSE Broken Crescent 04/14 Bay Pintaloosa International Sporthorse MSE Off The R. SAEC NORTHBOUND SPARKS
9927 Tagia 10/13 Bay Thoroughbred Rohirrim's The Bone Collector Marilyn Million
10660 Duval's Lavina 05/14 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Duval's Sandro Hitt Duval's Zendaya
11013 MHS Hellibrawn 08/12 Flaxen Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) MHS Handsome Devil MHS Justa Foxy Lady
11066 MSE Invisible Monsters 05/14 Sooty Dark Bay Trakehner MSE Project Mayhem (T) MSE Beautiful Remains
11131 MSE Midnight Dreamer 02/14 Dark Bay Oldenburg MSE Wheels of Time Penny Lane ZA
11402 Deniro HL 03/14 blood bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) HFE After The Storm Sorella CR
11937 Légende d'Auroy 09/12 bay Selle Français Highlander d'Auroy Automne du Tussock
12282 MSE Blissful Deception 07/14 Chestnut Thoroughbred MSE Bad Horse Try 2 Beat This
12314 SAEC Stunning Evil 07/14 Bay Thoroughbred Rohirrim's Danger Zone KNGS Elementary
14169 SPHR Excalibur 08/18 Dappled Grey Arabian Alexander Ohaal FLS Rajeh Kamalach FLS
14849 CK Wyatt's Champagne Partee 12/14 Amber champagne American Quarter Horse (AQH)
14900 MSE Moonglitter 01/15 Sooty Bay Trakehner MSE Project Mayhem (T) Tagia
15619 LGS Montelimar (out on loan) 10/15 Dapple Grey Selle Français Monteceau Carcassonne
15832 Eretria's Fleetwood 09/14 Dapple Grey (Bay) Belgian Warmblood VS/WSE Greyhound DMS No Regret
16123 SPK/LK Name eines Mädchen 09/14 dark brown Hanoverian SPK Nachspiel WR/LK Ninette
16441 RN Trigger Warning (GER) 12/14 Dark Dapple Bay Thoroughbred Locker Buddy Damn She Was Sexy
16593 SPHR gift credit 08/18 - American Paint Horse Foundation Foundation
16830 HRST Farbenspiel 02/15 Grey (Chestnut) Trakehner YI Kaiser II del Impío HRST Feuerzauber
17184 Lexington's Chekker 08/13 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Dandys 10 Chesterfield
17260 Fae's Senga 04/15 Seal Bay Blanket Appaloosa Exotic Part-Bred Fae's Lasair FAE'S AISLING
17516 MHS Zorya (out on loan) 12/13 Grey (Seal Brown-based) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) MHS Matador MHS Zuete
19311 MSE Corypheus 05/15 Perlino Akhal-Teke MSE Hangman's Body Count MSE Lucky Lolita
19429 MHS Solar Whisper 06/14 Bay Thoroughbred Solar Eclipse SHS MHS Careless Whisper
20070 MSE Danja Zown (lease) 09/15 Seal Tobiano Trakehner MSE Lonesome Devil's Brew (T) MSE Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt
20237 AvA Isra 08/15 Grey Arabian Majnoun NA El Nefous sᴀ
20370 AR Midnight's Moon 01/14 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Midnightstar Blue Moon K
20376 SAEC Sovngarde 09/15 Chestnut Tobiano International Sporthorse SAEC Orca's Song SAEC Starlight
20646 Silver's Galaxy 01/15 Light Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Silver's Just Because WSLW Believe it
20685 RDEC Socrates 09/15 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Trinidad RDEC Soendergaard
20817 WVS Rosenreim 09/15 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Relectro DPS On High Heels
21073 Sensationnel 09/14 Flaxen Chestnut Selle Français tienne Faustine
21193 RFE Incastonar 09/15 buckskin Irish Draught (Warmblood) RFE Incandescente RIF Diamond Clover
21228 MHS Folklore 06/15 Flaxen Chestnut-Based Grey Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) MHS Hellibrawn Neptune Du Forest
21496 Virginia WEE 05/15 Seal Brown Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Tribute Kayleigh
21593 OCN Kobalt Star 11/15 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) QMR Star Diopside WSLW A BIG APPLAUSE
21872 AR Nessaia 12/15 Black Belgian Warmblood AR Mordors Shadow EEC Mirror Image
22026 MSE Wicked Witch 08/15 Seal Bay Tobiano Wielkopolski MSE Wicked Messenger Witchcraft PL (T)
22129 Eretria's Vittorio 09/15 Grey (Black) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) VS/WSE Greyhound RDEC Vaccanta
22130 Duval's Coinnausseur 09/15 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Outcast Liberty HA
22235 PVP Lunaquris 05/14 Palomino Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Allegheny Lovegood
22237 RFE A Pirate's View For Me 12/15 Bay Tobiano International Sporthorse VISAGE HDC WONDERLAND'S ROLLY JODGER
22318 Duval's Rudimental 10/15 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Rusticalis Cadence BN
22460 MSE Shaded Mysticism (lease) 08/15 Gray (Buckskin) Akhal-Teke MSE Hangman's Body Count MSE Into the Abyss
22571 Regis' Royal Sergeant 01/16 Grey Overo Thoroughbred OCEAN PEARL'S LEUTNANT MPS Royal Roulette
22575 MSE Fragile Ego 06/16 Seal Roan Tobiano Trakehner MSE Half Past Midnight (T) MSE Danja Zown
22596 DPPR Modern Jezabel 09/15 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Foundation Foundation
22989 Duval's Rangeman 11/15 Grey Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Rhodium CLEC Utopia
23215 OCN Warchant 02/16 Black Sabino Trakehner Foundation* Foundation*
23338 MSE Commanders Soldir 01/16 Sooty Buckskin Akhal-Teke MSE Tempter in the Desert MSE Enemy Inside
23390 Sovereign's Remains Of An Angel 03/16 Bay Thoroughbred Insp. Nicholas Angel GP MSE Beautiful Remains
23480 Neptune Du Forest 07/11 Fleabitten Grey Selle Français Foundation Foundation
23694 RP L'Esprit 11/15 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Heath's Baifreid DPS / ZA Rose-Noire
23960 MSE Cult of Personality (lease) 02/16 Sooty Palomino German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) MSE Project Mayhem (T) MSE Resonance of Fate
24476 MSE Scaretale 03/16 bay Wielkopolski MSE Wretched and Divine SME Cheeky Wench
24584 Draconis Raelaenor 01/15 Bay Tobiano Irish Sport Horse Unknown* Unknown*
24868 Monachyle's Paignton 03/17 Black Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Táin Bó Cúailnge Honeybrook Azura
24912 MSE Hitman 01/16 Black Sella Italiano MSE La Croix MSE Under the Influence (T)
24913 Draconis King of the Wild Hunt 01/16 Black Tobiano Irish Sport Horse Foundation Foundation
24952 Luke No 01/16 Dark Bay Trakehner Foundation Foundation
24955 Draconis Lady of Space and Time 01/16 Black Tobiano Irish Sport Horse Foundation Foundation
25001 TMS Winter Authority 02/16 Sooty Bay-Based Grey Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) TMS Against All Authority Draconis Winter Sound
25101 TMS Margarita Laux-Antille 01/16 Palomino Campolina Campolina Stud Campolina Mare
25209 Imitatia KN 07/16 Flaxen Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Blackmores Silver's Valentine
25274 RWH Rio's Tabby Cat (lease) 04/16 Red Dun Splash/Somatic American Paint Horse DRE Hollywood BS Born To Fly
25275 RWH Midnight Mosaic (lease) 04/16 Bay/Seal Brown Chimera Tobiano American Paint Horse Foundation Foundation
25386 Sahra Shadeed 07/16 Bay Arabian Sahra Ibn Inshalla Sahra Saudiaa
25396 Bahar G 01/16 Bay Arabian Foundation Foundation
25609 Pandora AT 08/16 Grey Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) SSE Watermark WSLW Believe It
25629 Silver's Paper Hearts 04/16 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Silver's Just Because Silver's Valentine
25639 WP Golden Time Lover 07/16 Black Tovero Australian Warmblood WP Swhwarzgold Draconis Lady of Space and Time
25725 VPE Limnanthes 10/16 Buckskin Thoroughbred MSE Desperate Measures Up is Down
25755 WSLW Rellorallen 01/15 Bay Tobiano Irish Sport Horse Lyelries Alenna
25761 SAEC/OBI Lelantos'Thun vas Normandy (lease) 08/16 Silver Bay Dun Splash International Sporthorse SAEC Thunderbird OBI Alarei'Sair vas Normandy
25809 DPPR Hellwhiskey 08/16 Bay Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) MHS Hellibrawn Hoofbeat's Fire Whisky
25866 AvA Temptation 07/16 Chestnut-based Grey Arabian Majnoun NA ʙᴡᴙ TOHFA
25867 Draconis Nihilista Cuero 01/16 Bay Tovero Pintaloosa International Sporthorse MSE VISIONS OF A NIHILISTIC UTOPIA MSE CUEVA DEL TIBICENA
25968 WP Quantum 08/16 Buckskin Appaloosa Wielkopolski MSE Qiqirn MSE Whispers In The Dark
26388 LFS Sora 01/14 Cremello Czech Warmblood Foundation Foundation
26801 MSE Celebrity Martyr (lease) 08/16 Grey (Black base) Akhal-Teke MSE Ghost in the Machine MSE Memento Mori
27380 WPW Nycte 01/17 Grey (black) Sabino Arabian WPW Ibiza MM Among The Clouds
27383 WPW Witchhazel 01/17 Black Tobiano Irish Sport Horse UW Raven and the Dove WPW Baba Yaga
27387 WPW Wasting Colors 01/17 Palomino Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) UD Degas MSE Heartstring Marionette (T)
27464 Cinnabar's Sweet Rap 09/16 Palomino Australian Warmblood WP Rapt N Gold PCRA CARAMELL
27581 DPPR 69 Shades of Shame 10/16 Chimeric Grey Oldenburg MSE Heaven Help Us (A) RDEC Lex Duralis
27585 UD Melisandre 01/17 Black Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) SSE Red Wedding Monachyle's Tailleur
27594 WPW Send Your Rain 11/16 Buckskin Dominant White International Sporthorse MSE Maker's Mark Monachyle's Saenenyra
27605 Fae's Freeshade 10/16 Flaxen Chestnut Splash Arabian RLA Falconine FAE'S ZUZKA
27616 Arezzo W 09/16 Bay Sabino Hanoverian LAS VEGAS W CDC RHEINEHRE (T)
27700 DPPR The Wolven Storm 01/16 Grey (Black) Fleabitten Arabian Dandelion Priscilla Callonetta
27725 MSE Litany Of The Dead (lease) 01/17 Sooty Buckskin Akhal-Teke MSE Rite of Samhain MSE Borrowed Wings
27757 Dear Monsters FN (out on loan) 01/16 Sooty Bay Swedish Warmblood MSE INVISIBLE MONSTERS VALCOAST'S FRANKLY MY DEAR
27766 DPPR Quantum Physics (out on loan) 11/16 Palomino Appaloosa Wielkopolski WP QUANTUM MSE SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE
27774 Witchcraft AW 11/16 Grey (Chestnut) Thoroughbred OCEAN PEARL'S L.A. NOIRE VOODOO DOLL SHS
27872 DPPR Gwynbleidd 11/16 Grey (Black) Spanish Warmblood RDEC BAROSSO XII MSE OLD MYTHOLOGIES (T)
27952 DPPR Masochism Measured 12/16 Cremello Thoroughbred MSE Desperate Measures Palomino Broodmare
27953 DPPR Nolan North 12/16 Bay Dominant White German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) MSE Look At That Sass (E) RDEC Vaccanta
28115 SAEC Latara (E) 11/16 Sooty Buckskin Sabino Trakehner Sunset Shadows Diabla
28153 CSR Tuff Cat 10/16 Sooty Dunalino Sabino Overo American Paint Horse Foundation Foundation
28160 CSR Silver Smokin' Cat 10/16 Silver Grullo Roan Tobiano American Paint Horse Foundation Foundation
28441 PCRA/DPPR Vittanya 12/16 Flaxen Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Vinterburg Imitatia KN
28442 ART Melrose 01/17 Grulla Tobiano Pintabian Foundation Foundation
28443 DPPR Shanxi 01/17 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Splash Thoroughbred Foundation Foundation
28445 AWE/DPPR Melody Over The Sea 02/17 Chestnut Selle Français Paladin des Ifs KN RP Whimsical Maiden
28525 Martello L 03/17 Grey (Black) Hanoverian May Day L Satin 'N Lace REC
28548 RFE Fidana 01/16 Grey Zweibrucker RDEC Galladyn WVS Fürstin
28801 THE Szechuan Sauce 01/17 Sooty Chestnut German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) MSE It's My Character Arc, Morty MSE Nine More Seasons
28804 DPPR Aenaes (out on loan) 12/16 Black Silver Dutch Warmblood (Harness Horse) FAA Shameful Envy Duval's Lavina
28808 ART Gael 12/16 Perlino Pintabian Unknown* Unknown*
28813 My Way L 01/17 Grey (Bay) Danish Warmblood May Day L RDEC Vaccanta
28884 DPPR Francesca Findabair 04/17 Dunalino Tobiano Pintabian ART Gael ART Melrose
28907 Mayflower L (lease) 04/17 Grey (black) Swedish Warmblood May Day L MSE Special Snowflake
28962 DPPR How Do They Work? 02/17 Buckskin Brindle (Reversed) Trakehner IL Black Lager EEC Rosalie
28968 DPPR Storm's End 02/17 Bay Roan Trakehner GOS HURRICANE STORM SF ARYA
29003 RP The Queen's Fleet 03/17 Grey (Black) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Eretria's Mariner RP Don't Stop The Queen
29025 DPPR Drowned God 03/17 Liver Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RP Ocean Disaster Eretria's Behati
29128 RP Nuclear Attitude 03/17 Bay Trakehner WPW Nuclear Winter Verina EP
29141 DPPR Sterling Penumbra 03/17 Smokey Cream Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DMS Eclipse GOS Celebrían
29271 WEC Lalochezia 06/17 Buckskin German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) WEC Legato MSE Enemy Inside
29275 DPPR All That Glitters 05/17 Sooty Buckskin Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DMS Eclipse MSE Moonglitter
29367 DPPR Scintilla 02/17 Sooty Palomino Overo German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) MSE Eye of the Beholder (E) MSE Tenacious Duplicity
29371 DPPR Varya 06/17 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) ERETRIA'S VITTORIO Golden Dior .BV
29407 MSE Threadbare Royalty 02/17 Bay Russian Riding Horse MSE STARRY NIGHT (T) MSE DEPRAVITY WITH A SMILE
29434 DPPR Phrasing, Boom 04/17 Bay Tovero Trakehner SAHRA SHADEED MSE DANJA ZOWN
29442 MSE Dreamquest 01/17 Flaxen Chestnut Tobiano Trakehner HRST Camiro MSE Under the Influence (T)
29448 DPPR Rantipole 04/17 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DUVAL'S RUDIMENTAL DUVAL'S LAVINA
29450 High Trix L 06/17 Buckskin Australian Warmblood Highcruiser L Calla Lily HW
29463 DPPR Holy Helena 04/17 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) MHS Hellibrawn FALLAISE OF HONILEY
29472 SW Vatt'ghern 04/17 Bay Dominant White German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) DPPR Nolan North Pandora AT
29473 DPPR Zireael 03/17 Smokey Black Dominant White German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) MSE Corypheus UW Larisia
29507 DPPR Skulduggery 04/17 Black Leopard Appaloosa Knabstrupper (Sportshorse) KS Valarian Warrior KPE Solla Sullew
29534 TMBR Kasmir 07/17 Chestnut Trakehner HRST Merciless Monachyle's Kindra
29541 DPPR Devil's Starr 04/17 Black Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RP DRINK WITH THE DEVIL OCN KOBALT STAR
29542 DPPR Desperate Deceptions 04/17 Palomino Splash Thoroughbred MSE Desperate Measures MSE Blissful Deception
29577 GE Royally Masochistic 03/17 Smoky Black Overo Thoroughbred REGIS' ROYAL SERGEANT DPPR Masochism Measured
29665 Tanns Arrax Bordeaux 07/17 Liver Chestnut German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) WEC ARRAX Tanns Liebesglueck
29694 WPW Skinny Dippin' 07/17 Bay Sabino Hanoverian Sail On By REC Tagia
29707 DPPR Virago 07/17 Liver Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) ROHIRRIMS WARRIOR WSLW A BIG APPLAUSE
29708 TMS Assassination Authority 07/17 Sooty Bay Dun Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) TMS Against All Authority RAHS Triple Assassin
29718 MSE Lurking Fear 07/17 Gray (Seal Brown) Trakehner MSE Heaven Help Us (A) MSE Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt
29719 DPPR Shame, Shame, Shame 05/17 Grey (Black) Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DPPR 69 SHADES OF SHAME UD MELISANDRE
29787 Lucky 38 FN 06/17 Buckskin Trakehner WPW Nuclear Winter DPPR How Do They Work?
29802 DPPR Paleblood Moon 07/17 Perlino Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Monachyle's Ra'thema WPW Wasting Colors
29803 SAEC Billy Wonder 05/17 Bay Splash Thoroughbred SAEC Billy Congo Tagia
29816 DPPR The Art Thief 08/17 Grey (Buckskin Tobiano) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) UD Degas Mayflower L
29817 DPPR Drinking Wicked 01/17 Seal Bay Tobiano Swedish Warmblood WOODFORD'S DAQUINI MSE WICKED WITCH
29930 DPPR Karezza 07/17 Chestnut DW Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Kennington HA Uzume R'E
30110 DPPR Musical Mundana 08/17 Buckskin Roan Trakehner DPPR Storm's End DPPR How Do They Work?
30175 DPPR Divine Intervention 09/17 Buckskin Thoroughbred Imperial Ghost REC Sovereign's Remains Of An Angel
30179 Obiareus NC 07/17 Black Trakehner ARISTOTLE NC ODESSA NC
30195 QM Bright Lights 11/17 Bay Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) FWEC Off The Time Silver's Intoxicating
30211 Ocean Pearl's Poltergeist 10/17 Palomino Thoroughbred Imperial Ghost REC Ocean Pearl's Crystalline
30221 DPPR Proctor 09/17 Bay Hanoverian PANTHER Légende d'Auroy
30223 DPPR Ne'erday 09/17 Flaxen Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) NOGARO D'AUROY PCRA/DPPR VITTANYA
30260 DPPR Loxotic 07/17 Smokey Black DW Trakehner RN Trigger Warning (GER) SAEC Latara (E)
30263 DPPR Witch Please 07/17 Bay Tobiano Wielkopolski SAEC Stunning Evil MSE Wicked Witch
30278 Temeraire ZI 10/17 Seal Bay Oldenburg Sahra Khnum EWE Windrunner
30289 RME Måne 05/17 Dapple Grey Splash Irish Sport Horse RME M�NGATA SAEC Billy Boundary
30309 WPW Vellichor 11/17 Palomino Roan Sabino Overo German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) DPPR HEN ICHAER DPPR SCINTILLA
30310 DPPR Gvalch'ca 12/17 Smokey Black Roan Tobiano German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) DPPR HEN ICHAER MONACHYLE'S PAIGNTON
30311 DPPR Hen Ichaer 07/17 Smokey Black Roan DW German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) DPPR Storm's End DPPR Zireael
30368 DPPR Red Reaper 11/17 Liver Chestnut Thoroughbred OBF Red Dustin RP Whimsical Maiden
30397 DPPR Desvelado 11/17 Smokey Black Tovero Trakehner DPPR Desperate Deceptions MSE Wild in Wisconsin
30520 DPPR A Champagne Tasting 12/17 Classic Champagne Dutch Warmblood (Harness Horse) Duval's Coinnausseur FAA Shampain
30584 Nacarat LX 12/17 Chestnut Appaloosa Knabstrupper (Sportshorse) SAEC The Globalist Firefly R
30610 WPW Naharai 12/17 Grey (Bay) Arabian WPW Nehemiah AvA Temptation
30678 Auroras Over Me 09/17 Grey Tobiano (chestnut) Finnish Warmblood *Top Game *Olivia
30697 DPPR Cremaillere 12/17 Black (Vitiligo) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DUVAL'S COINNAUSSEUR WVS ROSENREIM
30698 DPPR Bevan 12/17 Black Sella Italiano MSE HITMAN Red Velvet AT
30963 Idora GV 08/17 Palomino Roan Tobiano German Riding Pony
30964 Velgara GV 08/17 Grullo Splash German Riding Pony
30980 DPPR A Holy Masochist 01/18 Perlino Overo Thoroughbred GE Royally Masochistic DPPR Divine Intervention
31001 Superb in Roses AW 10/17 Smokey Black DW Thoroughbred OCEAN PEARL'S KILIMANJARO MONACHYLE'S OLIVIOUX
31002 DPPR Loa'then 12/17 Grey (Buckskin) Pintabian ART Gael WPW Lacuna
31029 DPPR Saren's Warning 01/18 Liver Chestnut Splash Thoroughbred RN Trigger Warning (GER) DPPR Shanxi
31039 SW My Shame's Boundless 01/18 Fleabitten Grey (Bay) Danish Warmblood DPPR 69 Shades of Shame My Way L
31066 WPW Bianca 01/18 Black Sabino Arabian CRABBET CRABBET
31076 DPPR Royal Intricacies 12/18 Grey (Bay DW/Overo) Thoroughbred Regis' Royal Sergeant KA Intricate
31114 DPPR Anarkissed 10/18 Palomino DW Trakehner Argonaut NC MSE Nine More Seasons
31211 Acheron PC 10/17 Buckskin Splash Thoroughbred Despicable Me Ceres
31224 DPPR Devil's Favorite Demon 01/18 Palomino Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DPS Ami D'or LFS Sora
31225 DPPR Fogram 01/18 Buckskin Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DPS FERRERO ROCHE HONEYBROOK FOGUEIRA
31490 Tousignant CX 03/15 Chestnut Thoroughbred Foundation Foundation
31571 RV Arwaldis 10/17 Flaxen Red Roan Trakehner Walldorf I* Athene*
31608 VH Wanderkoenig 01/17 Chestnut Splash Trakehner Waldemar* Oda*
31753 TMBR Winterspell 03/18 Bay Trakehner Cinnabar's Black Scarab Myosotis' Winterjasmin
33053 Ergo S 08/18 Bay Sabino Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) THE Afterthought Lily's Dream S
33073 DPPR 100 Letters 01/18 Smokey Black Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DPPR Devil's Starr Lucky 38 FN
33077 Wyken Hall's Lovebricks 09/18 Dark Bay Roan Tobiano Trakehner Listerino Ygritte
33093 DPPR Sthenno 03/18 Palomino Roan Overo Thoroughbred GE After Eight TMS Medusa
33098 FC Spheroboom 09/18 Seal Bay Overo Splash Thoroughbred Foundation Foundation
33160 DPPR Whiskerando 09/18 Palomino Tovero Trakehner DPPR Desperate Deceptions Myosotis' L'espoir
33161 DPPR Angel Lust 09/18 Seal Bay Tobiano Trakehner DPPR Phrasing, Boom SOVEREIGN'S REMAINS OF AN ANGEL
33176 DPPR Arethusa 09/18 Buckskin Dominant White Trakehner Aesculapius NC SAEC Latara (E)
33181 DPPR Themyscira 09/18 Sooty Palomino DW Splash Trakehner DPPR Loxotic SAEC Billy Wonder
33189 DPPR Is Not Gold 09/18 Palomino Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DPPR All That Glitters Poetry Hit L
33193 DPPR Leviathan 09/18 Cremello Tovero Trakehner DPPR Loxotic WPW Be Seeing You
33236 DPPR Riverrun 09/18 Smokey Black Roan Trakehner DPPR Storm's End BUS Riviera
33237 DPPR Oizys 09/18 Perlino Trakehner Omicron NC Superb in Roses AW
33238 DPPR Momus 09/18 Bay Trakehner HRST Smokin' Cigarette Bahar G
33250 TMBR Yieldless 09/18 Seal Bay Tobiano Trakehner TMS Sensitive Prince Ygritte ZI
33297 DPPR Chaotic Evil 09/18 Smokey Black Thoroughbred SAEC Stunning Evil DPPR Masochism Measured
33298 DPPR Need Of Hell 09/18 Liver Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) MSE Invisible Monsters DPPR Holy Helena
33299 DPPR Know Of Heaven 09/18 Grey (Black) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DPPR Drowned God RP The Queen's Fleet
33300 DPPR Taxidermy Albatross 09/18 Chestnut Tovero Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DPPR Karezza WPW Wasting Colors
33301 Sugarloaf FF 09/18 Chestnut DW Anglo-Arabian (AHA) WP Rebound RP Whimsical Maiden
33314 Joi 10/18 Buckskin Splash Thoroughbred Acheron PC Tagia
33315 Luv 10/18 Buckskin Splash Thoroughbred Acheron PC Tagia
33491 DPPR Saesenthessis 10/18 Smokey Black DW German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) SW Vatt'ghern DPPR Sterling Penumbra
33524 DPPR Novice 07/18 Grey DW Trakehner AMEC/EVA AL-WAHED NOUVEAU ZI
33639 SW Little Miss Bliss 09/18 Black Overo American Paint Horse
33679 OWO The Big Dog 09/18 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Roan Overo American Paint Horse *Roman Empire *Her Last Days
33702 DPPR Cascarilla 11/18 Grey (Seal Bay) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) SSE Casinetto RDEC Levitations
33703 Clockwork CX 11/18 Seal Bay Trakehner DPPR PHRASING, BOOM TMBR WINTERSPELL
33724 OWO I Came To Play 11/18 Palomino American Quarter Horse (AQH) *Player's Bet *I Came I Saw
33725 OWO Deadman Walking 11/18 Grullo American Quarter Horse (AQH) *Rest In Peace *Walkstar
33726 OWO Hearin' Voices 11/18 Seal Bay Tobiano Splash American Paint Horse *Heard It True *Voice of the Sea
33789 WPW Deuteronomy 11/18 Smokey Blue Roan Overo Nokota
33864 OWO Stop Drop Hollywood 11/18 Silver Bay Tovero American Paint Horse EIS Hollywood Rain NRR Drop Dead Gorgeous
33903 WPW Rocks And Arrows 12/18 Buckskin Splash Thoroughbred
33917 DPPR Sleepless Royal 08/18 Grey (Palomino Tovero) Trakehner DPPR Desvelado DPPR Royal Intricacies
33918 DPPR Vesta 12/18 Bay Overo DW Trakehner TMBR Kasmir CDC Veritas
33956 Beldame ZI 11/18 Bay Tobino Trakehner Saboteur ZI Burlesque ZI
33968 WYE Littlelf 11/18 Grey (Chestnut) British Warmblood WYE Aristocrat WYE Daze Before
33969 WYE Mr Mistletoe 11/18 Bay Hanoverian WYE Espionage WYE Bad Wolf
33989 DPPR Quantum Trickery 12/18 Buckskin Appaloosa Wielkopolski DPPR Skulduggery DPPR Quantum Physics
34035 Draconis Shakira 12/18 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Arabian Sahra Shadeed Sahra Shuhraa
34045 TJS Evellienn 08/18 Dark Bay w/ Birdcatcher spots Thoroughbred Witchcraft AW Superb in Roses AW
34046 TJS Jayabird 08/18 Bay Roan Overo Thoroughbred WPW Catch A Bird DPPR Sthenno
34075 VPE Boniface 01/18 Chestnut Roan Trakehner RV Arwaldis Wyken Hall's Lanikai
34139 WPW Divide And Conquer 12/18 Seal Roan Sabino Trakehner DPPR Phrasing, Boom DPPR Musical Mundana
34140 WPW Melancholia 12/18 Bay Dun Tobiano Nokota
34177 OWO What's This? 09/18 Silver Buckskin Roan Sabino Kentucky Mountain Horse What's The Point This Is It, Chief
34189 WRNGS Lambert 12/18 Blue Roan Tovero Trakehner DPPR Sleepless Royal CDC Umbra
34399 DPPR -- 01/19 -- Trakehner
34400 DPPR Watcher On The Wall 01/19 Smokey Cream Roan Splash DW Trakehner DPPR Riverrun DPPR Whiskerando
34453 Ravenwood's Solina 01/19 Flaxen Chestnut min. Sabino Arabian
34523 DPPR Fyrebird 12/18 Liver Chestnut Roan Trakehner WPW Catch A Bird HRST Feuerdiamant

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