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Deheive Aro
Raos Dressage International, the substitute of OLCS. Keeps the sole purpose of competing in dressage and breed horses for dressage. The stable holds 16 horse, with 3 riders and couple grooms.

ChinaPlayer Info

Waffles • Black
Available Credits -13
Available Funds $12,270

Player's Stables

ID Stable Name Prefix Location Value Type
1865 the Olden Chin Stable OLCS World of horses, UK $380,341 Breeding

Player's Horses

ID Name DOB Color Breed Sire Dam
23585 SBS Sundance (out on loan) 06/14 Light chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Bj KR Lola
24201 OLCS Acicle Ralleino 09/13 Buckskin Oldenburg OLCS Abrico Moonca OLCS Flekia Ralleina
24202 OLCS Agrine Wiangle 04/10 Palomino Oldenburg OLCS Abrico Moonca OLCS Nymphia Wiangle
24205 OLCS Hypnotizer Wrinkle 06/15 Dapple Grey Oldenburg OLCS Haworn Wimery OLCS Agrine Wiangle
24432 OLCS Nymphia Wiangle 11/14 Grey Oldenburg Foundation Foundation
24433 OLCS Abrico Moonca 11/14 Chestnut Oldenburg Foundation Foundation
26172 RDI Aci Donut (out on loan) 04/17 Palomino Oldenburg OLCS Acicle Ralleino OLCS Historm Wiengal
26174 RDI Acilika 04/16 Buckskin Oldenburg OLCS Acicle Ralleino OLCS Hypnotizer Wrinkle
26278 RDI Made Rina 06/16 Dapple grey Oldenburg PSS Made for Loving you OLCS Agrine Wiangle
26280 RDI Aubergine (out on loan) 04/14 Chestnut Oldenburg OLCS Abrico Moonca OLCS Nymphia Wiangle
28886 RDI Waldessarini (out on loan) 07/16 Chestnut Oldenburg RDI Aubergine OLCS Historm Wiengal
29378 LOVSTA's Roman Hill 12/16 Bay Oldenburg AV Rogue One RDI Aci Torny
30107 RDI Made Stardust (out on loan) 11/15 Grey Oldenburg PSSC Made for Loving You RDI Aci Meilu
30933 RDI Radamonni 01/18 Black Oldenburg RDEC Radamon SBS Sundance
31343 RDI Made Sherlock (out on loan) 03/17 Dapple grey Oldenburg PSSC Made for Loving You OLCS Hormilia Rallein

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