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Isaiah Pace
After several years of horseback riding and having the Sims as an occasional hobby, I decided there could be more to the Sims than just creating characters and building worlds.

Player Info

Sushi • Green
Available Credits 6
Available Funds $175,500

Player's Stables

ID Stable Name Prefix Location Value Type
1587 Mearhbarrow MBS Grey Horse Valley, England $1,128,700 Private
1987 Fixstern fixstern Anglesey, Wales $1,000,000 Private

Player's Horses

ID Name DOB Color Breed Sire Dam
9799 Diamantes de la Reina 12/11 Black Andalusian One Tempi EOS Ysabel
14061 TLM Sky's The Limit 08/14 Flaxen Chestnut Welsh Pony (Section B) Foundation Foundation
15269 Luqman 01/13 Sooty bay Akhal-Teke Foundation Foundation
17756 Skyfarer XIV 01/15 Dapple grey British Warmblood Anticipation Fortune Teller
17757 MBS Daisy May 04/15 Chestnut British Warmblood Director Mayflower
17758 MBS Håbrand 01/15 Bay Coldblood Trotter (Swe) Hajson Hildegard SVH
17759 MBS Valkyria (out on loan) 04/14 Dun Fjord Viking Flinka
17764 MBS Dorado 01/15 Palomino Andalusian Aureliano Doncella
17766 MBS Equador 12/14 Grey Andalusian Espiridión La Escarcha
17769 Flying Dutchman 05/15 Dark bay American Warmblood Fly High American Pie
19319 Attila 04/15 Black, tobiano Oldenburg Highwayman Name Of The Game
19653 MBS Atlas 05/14 Blood bay British Warmblood Titan Kissmequick
20163 RDEC Van Victo 07/15 (Bay Based) Grey Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Cavaillard RDEC VOCCARDIEU
20987 Dumbo Flies GHA 09/14 Bay Grade (Pony) Connemara New Forest Pony
21347 MBS Ricasso 08/15 Bay, tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Raddoppio MBS Chardonnay
21380 Connemara Gelding 01/14 Grey(Black) Connemara Guitar Solo Just Dance
21702 MBS Detente Bala 11/15 Smoky black Andalusian MBS Dorado Diamantes De La Reina
22527 MBS/R Oceanborn 05/15 Bay British Warmblood MBS Atlas Ocean Soul
22581 MBS Carmina 11/15 Grey British Sports Horse Attila NFE/HCS Callista
22847 MBS Gjestar (out on loan) 12/15 Brown Dun Fjord Foundation MBS Valkyria
23525 MBS Flying Wish 12/15 Bay British Warmblood RDEC Rocowish Flying Dutchman
24086 YR Excelso de la Rosa 09/14 Grey Andalusian TMB Evento I Coqueta II de Xantre
24251 OCN Oh, Lady Dahl 05/16 Black British Sports Horse Sovereign's Devil In Distress MBS Carmina
24345 MBS Anatoile 05/16 Black Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Attila Diamantes De La Reina
24811 MBS Rövardottern 04/16 Bay Coldblood Trotter (Swe) MBS Håbrand BT Lovisa
25012 MBS Polina 06/16 Buckskin Akhal-Teke Luqman EXQ Prizma
25014 MBS Gülbahar 07/16 Black splash Akhal-Teke Luqman Fae's Ainfean
25336 MBS Mahtsheed 06/16 Sooty bay Akhal-Teke Luqman SME Mirage of Madness
25337 MBS Sing It Away 07/16 Mahogany bay British Warmblood MBS Atlas Scarlet O'Hara L
25517 Knabstrupper(pony) Stallion 12/15 Black Leopard Knabstrupper (Pony)
26341 fixstern Diamante En Bruto 01/16 Black tobiano Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Attila Diamantes De La Reina
26342 fixstern Debeladora 08/16 Chestnut Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Nebuchadnezzar MBS Daisy May
27076 fixstern Valeriano 10/16 Grey (black) British Warmblood RDEC Van Victo MBS Carmina
27077 fixstern Aaron 11/16 Bay British Warmblood MBS Atlas MBS Daisy May
27704 Meloso de Cortes VC 12/16 Buckskin Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Faedoso VC GM Galatea
27705 Pharaohh 06/15 Chestnut Akhal-Teke
27706 fixstern Bay-B 12/15 Bay minimal tobiano British Warmblood MBS Ricasso MBS Daisy May
27768 fixstern Highest Hopes 12/16 Bay International Sport Pony MSE My Sweet Casio TLM Sky's The Limit
27971 Eridanus HW 02/17 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) OCN KONSTELLATION Song of War SHS
28149 fixstern Buenaventura 10/16 Buckskin Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) MBS Detente Bala MBS Flying Wish
28669 YDA Arena I 01/17 Buckskin Andalusian Sol PM II YDA Hermosa
28872 fixstern Golden Girl II 01/17 Palomino Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) MBS Dorado MBS Daisy May
28873 DPPR Swan Song 02/17 Grey (bay) British Sports Horse SAEC Stunning Evil MBS Carmina
28874 Tuhlaajapoika FX 01/17 Silver bay Finnhorse (Riding)
28875 MBS Pandora 11/16 Grey (smoky black) Andalusian WRNGS Lauquiniz V Diamantes de la Reina
28876 fixstern Trinidad 11/16 Grey (black) Andalusian MBS Equador Diamantes de la Reina
30986 MBS Mosaik 07/17 Bay pintaloosa British Sports Horse MBS Ricasso ES Rodheatte
30987 MBS Vanity Fair 01/18 Bay Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) MBS Detente Bala MBS Flying Wish
31054 Azazel 09/17 Grey (brown) Welsh Pony (Section B) Welsh B Welsh B
31055 Itotia 09/16 Grey (bay) Welsh Pony (Section B) Welsh B Welsh B
32219 MBS Bayardo 02/18 Bay tobiano British Sports Horse Attila fixstern Bay-B
32350 MBS Wishmaster 06/18 Chestnut British Warmblood RFE Incendio MBS Flying Wish
32351 MBS Tallulah 06/18 Bay British Warmblood RFE TRITONIS LEVIATHAN III MBS Sing It Away
32363 fixstern SSH Bellissima 07/18 Chestnut Tobiano British Warmblood RFE Chiaro di Luna fixstern Bay-B
35914 Jara de Urquijo 07/19 Grey (Bay) Andalusian Danzarín III de Urquijo Jaramba de Urquijo
36085 fixstern Mr Darcy 06/19 Black tobiano Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) MBS Mosaik fixstern Diamante en Bruto

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