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Callixta Rosella
Callixta is a very shy, clumsy person who usually trips over her own two feet, walks into things and constantly drops and breaks stuff. She isn't overly graceful in the saddle, you'll never catch her in a dressage Grand Prix class. She learned to ride at a young age but didn't pluck up the courage to start jumping lessons until she hit her teen years. Not much later she bought her first horse, and she is now one of the main eventing riders at the stable she co-owns.

United KingdomPlayer Info

Stir Fry • Pink
Available Credits 4
Available Funds $2,061,988

Player's Stables

ID Stable Name Prefix Location Value Type
1984 Foxberry Farm Foxberry's Churn Clough, England $0 Private

Player's Horses

ID Name DOB Color Breed Sire Dam
304 LMEC Monique 09/17 Black Swedish Warmblood Magini* Lex Action
1360 Cherry Bomb PL 06/12 Chestnut Trakehner Aces High* Candle in the Wind*
3611 LMEC Enigma 09/17 Dark Bay Danish Warmblood Embracer* Delphia*
3677 LMEC Icarus 09/17 chestnut Swedish Warmblood Erbstein Maroschka
5601 GOS Erchamion 08/13 Grey (Black) Trakehner GOS Jack Of Hearts GOS Elwing
10465 Woodford's Hertigen 12/13 Seal Brown Oldenburg
10466 Woodford's Celeste 07/12 Palomino Oldenburg
10582 Black Hart PL 05/14 Black Tobiano Oldenburg WD Black Magic Monachyle's Wintersong
10669 Woodford's Celina 05/14 Seal Brown Oldenburg Woodford's Hertigen Woodford's Celeste
12154 TE Jaantje 07/14 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Moorlands Totilas Avatar HF
12670 Foxberry's Leucetios 05/14 Grey (Bay) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Alaska I* Expresso Palm*
12747 Foxberry's Jabari 04/14 Seal Brown Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Honeybrook Juex Jet HFA Shadow in the Night
13699 Foxberry's Oceane 01/15 Dark Bay Trakehner Omral* Saudroelle*
13700 Foxberry's Briar Rose 02/14 Dark Bay Trakehner Bultamos* Lu Na Lady*
13878 Foxberry's Winterrose 05/14 Palomino Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Monachyle's Held van Tijd Stormbringer PL
15392 Woodford's Adele 01/15 Chestnut Swedish Warmblood After Eight L Woodford's Contessa
17689 Foxberry's Sayonara 05/14 Buckskin Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Monachyle's Held van Tijd Lochspraig BF
18801 LMEC Caramel 06/15 Chestnut Danish Warmblood LMEC Cadre Noir LMEC Magica de Hex
19693 Ravenwood's Moon Dancer 06/15 Grey (Black) Thoroughbred Fire Dancer* Drama Degree*
19695 Woodford's Noblezze 12/15 Chestnut Thoroughbred Nureddin* Funsie*
20623 Sagittarius PL 09/15 Chestnut Tobiano Trakehner WD Black Magic Monachyle's Passeriná
20869 Foxberry's Goblinette 09/17 Blue roan tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Hobgoblin ZA Monachyle's Bayshine
20870 Foxberry's Ghostwing 09/17 Black Roan Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Hobgoblin ZA Monachyle's Bayshine
20872 GOS Vinzenz 10/15 Chestnut Sabino Trakehner CDC/GOS Hyperion GOS Vienna Waltz
21200 Hallmark AT 09/15 Grey Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) SSE Watermark CMS Ruby Riot
21740 Foxberry's Northfall 05/14 Dark Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) VS Eskobar WBS Meadowbird
21757 CDC Bärenjäger 10/15 Black Trakehner VE Vigilante Foxberry's Briar Rose
21758 CDC Varenna 10/15 Bay DW Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) CDC Rheinruhm DPS Jolinar's Jinx
22490 Foxberry's Mitheogos 05/14 Bay DW Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Stoneroar* Anevnga*
22976 Foxberry's Soldier In Action 01/16 Chestnut Trakehner South Sphom* Kaliko Kat*
22979 Foxberry's Scarlettier 01/14 Bay Oldenburg Cursereaper* Spellcharm*
22980 Foxberry's Morsmorde 12/16 Dark Bay Oldenburg WHM Maestro Vilya's Little Bad Girl
23245 Honeybrook Lady of Lanarkshire 01/15 Liver Chestnut Oldenburg
23303 LMEC Allegro 02/16 Dark bay Swedish Warmblood Ambassador SHW LMEC Lemon Touch
23415 Foxberry's Authoress 02/14 Bay Tobiano DW Oldenburg Analign* Madison Avenue*
23417 Honeybrook Cairngorm 01/14 Bay Oldenburg
23418 Foxberry's Flitzen 07/16 Bay Oldenburg Factor Fiction* Staccato*
23423 SH Desert Sun 09/16 Flaxen Chestnut Arabian Darjeel* Llixia*
23501 Foxberry's Blaklion 07/16 Black Oldenburg Bestelhof* Eronia Eclipse*
23756 Foxberry's Dilettante 04/14 Fleabitten Grey Oldenburg Airvoyance* Xorette*
23763 Foxberry's Nightwatch 11/16 Buckskin Tobiano Oldenburg Nightlord* Sabant*
23768 Foxberry's Wingfall 07/14 Black Tobiano Oldenburg Wildwind* Laissa*
24014 Foxberry's Loch Pearl 03/15 Bay Oldenburg Dark Moon ZA Foxberry's Storeybrook
24103 Foxberry's Luppit 01/15 Black Württemberger Slolerion* Piwatos*
24107 Foxberry's Venissia 12/15 Grey (Chestnut) Württemberger Verlanco* Painting Autumn*
24108 Foxberry's Libillula 08/14 Palomino Württemberger Lorwind* Champagne Bubbles*
24149 R.M. Mimolla 04/16 Liver chestnut Finnhorse (Riding) Unikuva Mileedi
24823 Foxberry's Mael Carhaix 03/15 Black Tobiano Oldenburg WHM Maestro Honeybrook Azura
24824 Foxberry's Henri de Herne 03/15 Chestnut Oldenburg WHM Henri d'Aramitz Fallaise of Honiley
24962 Foxberry's Warcloud 08/15 Chestnut Dominant White Oldenburg Wolmax* Loveaux*
25250 KPE Caratina 03/16 Grey Swedish Warmblood KPE Cassiago KPE Dear Dineke
25547 LMEC Bacchus 04/16 Blood Bay Danish Warmblood Bocelli* Zpecial Lady*
26014 Foxberry's Wensleydale 12/16 Bay Trakehner HRST Smokin' Cigarette GOS Carnimírië
26070 Foxberry's Croisette 04/16 Bay Oldenburg Chaigley* Kysta*
26464 Clayton L 03/15 Dark Bay Oldenburg Ckuaxx* Nolska*
26471 Foxberry's Lucky Layke Lady 02/14 Bay Tobiano Oldenburg Luckstar* Yokdy*
26659 Foxberry's Hexapla 08/16 Chestnut Danish Warmblood DRS Hitting Speed Poetry of Love L
26660 Foxberry's Frostine 08/16 Bay Swiss Warmblood GOS Infinite Royal Tagia
26682 Valentino HA 09/16 Bay Swedish Warmblood Valegro HA Habren Xelar V
26710 Foxberry's Auravictri 03/18 Smoky Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) V's Airbourne Vala NC
26880 TE Lauralanthalasa 12/16 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Moorlands Totilas BNE Soleil
27063 Woodford's Florania 09/16 Palomino Trakehner Priaphaphus* Misallis*
27174 Starstruck PL 12/16 Chestnut Tobiano Trakehner Licosto PL Supernova PL
27207 Wintergold NS 12/16 Smoky Black Connemara Woodford's Devan Woodford's Diana
27648 Woodford's Centaurus 11/16 Palomino Tobiano Trakehner Ciranes* Volumina*
27825 SH Harmonia 08/14 Chestnut Arabian Handassa* Al Sahabiah*
28033 Larino W 02/17 Chestnut Oldenburg Lorando W Natiqua van Alder
28144 Foxberry's Airspeed 07/16 Dark Bay Oldenburg Air Miles* Paingrace*
28147 Foxberry's Nassovia 03/17 Bay Sabino Oldenburg Galactic Glory* Flying Cloud*
28188 Incello L 08/15 Black Oldenburg SG Red Wings Nestoris PC
28298 Snowfox SH 06/17 Grey (Chestnut) Arabian SH Romeo Delight SH Sweetleaf
28324 Foxberry's Wyvern 'N Widgeon 04/16 Dark Bay Oldenburg Wonderer* Ellebreeze*
28348 Foxberry's Firkin Fox 11/16 Liver Chestnut Oldenburg First Approval* Hysterical Heart*
28351 Foxberry's Salcombe Selkie 12/16 Bay Oldenburg HRST Smokin' Cigarette RAHS Morning Star
29085 Foxberry's Cappucina 01/16 Smoky Cream Trakehner Catfish King* Idealiste*
29092 Foxberry's Gnarly Fox 01/16 Seal Brown Roan Tobiano Trakehner Greensborough* Ma Che Bella*
29121 Foxberry's Pethers Moon 09/16 Bay Trakehner Pleasantview* Alkeika*
29122 Foxberry's Himalaya 12/16 Smoky Black Oldenburg Highcruiser L Fallaise of Honiley
29139 Highflyer L 05/17 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Highcruiser L Golden Dior .BV
29390 Phenex PL 06/17 Dark Bay Tobiano Trakehner Revolution Calling PL Picasso Moon
29478 Neara PL 06/15 Buckskin Splash Thoroughbred Nanandal* Polsimroelle*
29480 Napir SH 06/17 Grey (Bay) Arabian IEQ Shamal MV Moon Goddess
29481 Pariza MV 06/17 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Arabian SER/MV Desert King Nachtfee MV
29488 Aislinn SH 06/17 Chestnut Sabino Arabian SH Caught in A Dream SH Mona Lisa
29528 TH Hulivili 09/15 Bay Roan Finnhorse (Riding) Hermmanni* Inari*
29693 Cyklon L 06/17 Liver Chestnut Tobiano Danish Warmblood Cosmic Chaos L PRH Rising Sun
29808 Foxberry's Eurofighter 01/16 Smoky Black Roan Trakehner Eyuirei* Lemmirka*
29858 Foxberry's Muddy Duck 11/14 Grey (Bay) Oldenburg Muntrail* Kittaire*
30113 Foxberry's Sirrius Black 12/16 Black Oldenburg Irador d'Auroy DPS Jolinar's Jinx
30124 Foxberry's Wraxalle 12/16 Palomino Oldenburg NCF Windsor GOS Hanky Panky
30187 Foxberry's Jalescheux 12/16 Bay DW Oldenburg Foxberry's Jabari Automne du Tussock
30264 Foxberry's Jarnioux 04/18 Chestnut Oldenburg Foxberry's Jabari Rocky Road HA
30359 LMEC Zoya 09/17 Dark Bay Oldenburg Northern Charm* Friaresque*
30531 LMEC Zephyr 09/16 Black DW Oldenburg Zabalan* Delacroix*
30544 Mafieux ZI 12/17 Black Trakehner SER Malik El Shams HRST Yoletta II
30564 WPW Riannon 12/16 Chestnut with White Spotting Arabian Rock Forever* Aphrodite*
30578 Feodras NC 08/17 Bay Trakehner Monarch's Ghirardelli Foxberry's Firefly Glow
30607 Foxberry's Ellette 12/16 Smoky Black DW Trakehner GOS Erchamion CDC Meliae
30644 Foxberry's Emprize 12/16 Grey Sabino (Palomino) Trakehner Evolution PL Ocean Pearl's Crystalline
30655 Foxberry's Blackfyre 01/16 Black Roan Trakehner Busoni* Acelya*
30656 Foxberry's Chionophile 01/17 Grey (Buckskin) Trakehner Consul* *Larivola
30700 Allora L 02/17 Perlino Trakehner Foxberry's Pether Moon Foxberry's Cappucina
30806 Cantara MV 09/16 Bay Arabian Coal Diamond* Rhed Juwel*
30807 Blazefury PL 01/17 Liver Chestnut DW Oldenburg TMBR Eiregeist Apple-Bee S
30808 Wild Honey PL 02/16 Buckskin Tobiano Oldenburg WR Alter Ego Foxberry's Chariya
30830 ZHG Perillo 12/17 Chestnut DW Oldenburg Woodford's Lordryn ZHG Belladonna
31178 Foxberry's Gabrasellessie 04/18 Chestnut Oldenburg MHS Gadreel Honeybrook Lady Macbeth
31497 WPW Minutiae 04/17 Liver Chestnut Rabicano Arabian Montreuil* Hessta Shaklana*
31624 Isolabella SH 01/18 Grey (Black) Arabian Oddzwiek Sahra SH
31899 Foxberry's Animagus 09/16 Smoky Black Tobiano Oldenburg Apparition* La Belle Etoile*
31904 Foxberry's Precieux 04/16 Palomino DW Trakehner Pierlou* Sauve Qui Peut*
31991 Love Story PL 09/16 Grey (Buckskin) Thoroughbred Legend Maker* Just Gingerbread*
32112 Foxberry's Bezoar 03/15 Palomino DW Swedish Riding Pony Bouggie Danzer* Bramble Lass*
32113 Foxberry's Clabbert 06/18 Buckskin Splash Swedish Riding Pony A Secret Love NS Fiona NS
32114 Foxberry's Howlet 06/18 Smoky Black Roan Sabino German Riding Pony Honeybrook Spydermonkey Honeybrook Puddleduck
32120 Foxberry's Icaria 06/18 Bay Oldenburg Irador d'Auroy SH Dreamsong
32123 Foxberry's Mercenaire 06/18 Chestnut Roan Trakehner Maestro d'Auroy Cherry Bomb PL
32295 Night Rain PL 06/18 Bay Trakehner CDC Nightcall SH Rain Song
32367 Foxberry's Spademan 06/18 Palomino Splash Trakehner Spades SH TMBR Rosalina
32369 Foxberry's Sprintess 02/19 Chestnut Arabian Woodford's Wajeeh SH Harmonia
32370 McKinley NS 06/18 Flaxen Chestnut German Riding Pony Honeybrook Londontime Noelle NS
32372 Lexington's Atreus 05/18 Bay Swedish Warmblood Acapulco L Vilya's Hurts Like Heaven
32552 Mistilteinn CX 01/16 Chestnut Trakehner Mountain Mist* Distroyia*
32680 Macaria MV 06/18 Chestnut Rabicano Arabian SER Ezequiel NA Al Raheenat
32924 Nordique LX 09/18 Grey (Bay Base) Oldenburg Foxberry's Northfall Duval's Ibis
32942 Foxberry's Castlette 12/18 Chestnut Tobiano German Riding Pony SSE Canvas Rosemartini GV
32944 Foxberry's Niffler 12/18 Black Roan Tobiano German Riding Pony Not My Style Foxberry's Wingfall
33185 Perina L 09/18 Smoky Black Oldenburg Pentagon L Rhaella d'Auroy
33470 Kitche S 10/18 Chestnut Tobiano Trakehner Galileo's Toytown Monachyle's Miribelle
33624 DPPR Lochetic (lease) 10/18 Sooty Palomino DW Trakehner DPPR Loxotic MSE Moonglitter
33754 Foxberry's Polarlichter 11/18 Smoky Black Splash Trakehner Phenex PL Conquest R
33765 Foxberry's Rievaulx 11/18 Smoky Cream Tobiano Splash Trakehner Foxberry's Ravisseur Neara PL
33780 Foxberry's Dolunay 12/18 Smoky Black Tobinao Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Foxberry's Dragonisi Foxberry's Winterrose
33925 RME Aesthete 11/18 Black DW Hanoverian Tanns Augustin RFE Flamma
34109 Ioulia S 12/18 Chestnut Tobiano Trakehner Honeybrook Saint Cloud Woodford's Nightshade
34154 WRNGS Speaks in Tongues 12/18 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Splash Trakehner Phenex PL Cloudstorm PL
34168 Lady In Red ZI (lease) 12/18 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) TMBR Rosario RP Lady Of Mayhem
34195 Frostfire PL 12/18 Flaxen Chesnut Roan Tobiano Trakehner Celtic Frost PL Honeybrook Imperia
34229 WRNGS Timid Starling 01/19 Seal Bay Roan Tobiano Trakehner Foxberry's Gnarly Fox Foxberry's Evington
34245 Foxberry's Stormcloud 12/18 Bay Trakehner MSE Sly Ruse (T) Capitola SHS
34246 Anzu MV 12/18 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Arabian Chemosh MV Agniezka MV
34247 RME Sabazios 12/18 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RME Surf 'N Passion RFE Nyala
34249 Foxberry's Vulcan 02/19 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Roan Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) SPHR Vervex DPPR Heuristic Hell
34271 Woodford's Willowlily 12/18 Chestnut DW Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Woodford's Xerox Leonore L
34281 Wolfsbane's Glorious 01/19 Bay Trakehner Monachyle's Jaragar Woodford's Bianca
34447 LMEC Indus 01/19 Black Swedish Warmblood LMEC Isildur Isola CN
34824 Foxberry's Battlestar 01/19 Bay Overo Trakehner CDC Bärenjäger DPPR Pawn of War
34915 Foxberry's Baelfire 01/19 Flaxen Chestnut Splash Trakehner SAEC Billy Flintstone Foxberry's Chariya
34998 Foxberry's Glacier Rose 01/19 Palomino Overo Trakehner Woodford's Gribaldi Monachyle's Alpena Rosea
35003 Foxberry's Animaguseux 02/19 Smoky Black Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Foxberry's Animagus Foxberry's Salcombe Selkie
35005 Foxberry's Nerminus 02/19 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Foxberry's Noceur Foxberry's Hexapla
35006 Foxberry's Velka Rapier 02/19 Chestnut Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Foxberry's Velkommen Foxberry's Amiiqlyx
35059 Corianda NS 02/19 Bay DW Grade (Pony) x x
35398 Foxberry's Herculis 04/19 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Foxberry's Henri de Herne Black Hart PL
35399 Foxberry's Maelatrix 04/19 Black Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Foxberry's Mael Carhaix Foxberry's Wintress
35401 Foxberry's Cordexus 04/19 Dark Bay (With Vitiligo) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Clayton L Foxberry's Frostine
35402 Foxberry's Moontide 04/19 Palomino Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RFE Nurmengard KPE Mystique
35403 Foxberry's Xanthella 04/19 Liver Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Wyken Hall's Xaro Foxberry's Loch Pearl
35512 Foxberry's Eilonwy 04/19 Flea Bitten Grey Tobiano (Buckskin) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Foxberry's Evenstar Foxberry's Ataraxia
35513 Foxberry's Folklore 04/19 Grey (Black) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Foxberry's Folkway SSH Mystique
35516 Foxberry's Mistling 09/19 Dark Bay DW Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Foxberry's Mortzestus Perama NC
35531 Foxberry's Caireen 06/19 Seal Bay Swedish Warmblood MSE Crafted Messages Foxberry's Taillette
35686 Foxberry's Rosmerta 06/19 Liver Chestnut Swedish Warmblood LMEC Rumour Has It Chalvin's Pianista
35750 Foxberry's Minelauva 06/19 Smoky Black Swedish Warmblood LMEC Matrix Foxberry's Winterrose
35751 Charientism AT 06/19 Liver Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) LMEC Casello WPW Expensive Taste
35923 Brigadier Lycaste 06/19 Bay Irish Sport Horse Brigadier Thorn Brigadier Lillian
36121 Mirella S 06/19 Dark Bay Tobiano Danish Warmblood Foxberry's Mael Carhaix Electric Emotion L
36122 Foxberry's Luvinia 09/19 Dark Bay Tobiano Danish Warmblood LMEC Lennox Foxberry's Himalaya
36123 Foxberry's Morpheus 09/19 Grey (Palomino) Danish Warmblood LMEC Maverick Foxberry's Wraxalle
36124 Foxberry's Demetrius 06/19 Grey (Bay) Swedish Warmblood Honeybrook Devonian Pss Shadowed Rose
36125 Foxberry's Saitada 06/19 Smoky Cream Swedish Warmblood Honeybrook Seastar Romance L
36159 Esteben S 07/19 Grey Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RW* Drunk Dial Zaryna S
36348 Foxberry's Ascella 06/19 Bay Swedish Warmblood Ambassador SHW RFE Fantastique
36349 Foxberry's Coastal Cloud 09/19 Dark Bay Danish Warmblood Lexington's Capoccino Duval's Oaklahoma
36350 Foxberry's Dragonstorm 09/19 Grey (Liver Chestnut) Danish Warmblood VPE Dagonet Snowfox SH
36351 Foxberry's Ophiuchus 09/19 Chestnut Danish Warmblood WEC Olympus Starstruck PL
36354 Foxberry's Windmist 09/19 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) QMR With Style Foxberry's Frostine
36375 Foxberry's Disneya 09/19 Liver Chestnut DW Danish Warmblood VPE Dagonet VPE Flamenco
36376 Foxberry's Raydonia 09/19 Dark Palomino Danish Warmblood VPE Red Label Foxberry's Sayonara
36537 KH Cristabell 05/19 Bay Swedish Warmblood KH Rousseau KH Euphoria
36568 Lecacheux HX 09/19 Dark Bay Danish Warmblood Larino W LG Penzance
36647 GVH Feanor 09/19 Palomino Frame Overo Trakehner GOS Erchamion Monachyle's Fabergine
36691 RME Henrietta 09/19 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Danish Warmblood RME Harry's Creamy Coffee Myosotis' Zara I
36871 Foxberry's Castalia 11/19 Dark Bay Tobiano Danish Warmblood Casiro Q TE Lauralanthalasa
36872 Woodford's Vamiro 01/20 Bay DW Danish Warmblood GOS Vinzenz TE Lauralanthalasa
36873 Foxberry's Cosette 11/19 Flaxen Chestnut Overo DW Trakehner WPW Cry for Judas Cherry Bomb PL
36989 Foxberry's Cebalrai 11/19 Flaxen Liver Chestnut DW Swedish Warmblood LSF Chasing the Dream Aislinn SH
36996 RME Debeauve 10/19 Seal Brown Tobiano Selle Français Foxberry's Jabari LMEC Morgana
37108 Conrad S 11/19 Flaxen Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Clayton L Foxberry's Briar Rose
37124 Galax Q 11/19 Liver Chestnut Tobiano Swedish Warmblood WEC Casmiro Snowfox SH
37125 Foxberry's Idelsonia 12/19 Flaxen Chestnut Tobiano Swedish Warmblood RFE Incendio VPE Fernah
37126 Foxberry's Ilioneus 12/19 Silver Chestnut Dominant White Swedish Warmblood RME Iridescent Vilya's Hurts Like Heaven
37127 Foxberry's Euphemus 12/19 Palomino Swedish Warmblood Eros L Pretorian Summer
37128 Foxberry's Lothar 12/19 Black Swedish Warmblood London L Pearl of the Desert EXQ
37129 Foxberry's Cerberus 12/19 Smoky Black Dominant White Swedish Warmblood Monarch's Celestial Noire CDC Varenna
37130 Foxberry's Deslorieux 12/19 Bay Tobiano Danish Warmblood HRST Dekadenz Relleis's Sesrostra
37131 Foxberry's Arvernia 12/19 Grey (Black) Danish Warmblood KPE Amoureux Foxberry's Dilettante
37132 Foxberry's Ducuroir 12/19 Chestnut Danish Warmblood Davinci des Aurades Foxberry's Libillula
37133 Foxberry's Kressida 12/19 Grey (Chestnut) Danish Warmblood Kalon S Zariffah EXQ
37259 Courtour's Dovizioso 01/19 Liver Chestnut Belgian Warmblood Foxberry's Eurofighter Woodford's Noblezze
37277 Antivan Assassin TH 12/19 Liver Chestnut DW Trakehner Astaroth PL Anastazja du Hali
37284 Woodford's Caravena 12/19 Buckskin Tobiano Swedish Warmblood Eskos HX Wild Honey PL
37289 LMEC Lakritz 12/19 Black Swedish Warmblood LMEC Lamborghini LMEC Acacia
37295 Lord of Illusions PL 12/19 Liver Chestnut Tovero Trakehner Rage of Thunder PL Tarot PL
37362 Arendal VX 12/19 Chestnut Norwegian Warmblood Foxberry's Animagus Foxberry's Libillula
37363 Prothous HX 12/19 Chestnut Danish Warmblood ZHG Perillo Starstruck PL
37366 Foxberry's Checkter 12/19 Grey (Black) Swedish Warmblood Cyklon L Foxberry's Muddy Duck
37451 Vishu de L'airon 01/20 Dark Bay Swedish Warmblood Ashbrooke's Dynamite De la Vie L
37489 Humlan L 01/20 Palomino DW Swedish Warmblood
37490 RME Rosetta 01/20 Bay Shire

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