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Gisele Lumière

GermanyPlayer Info

Sushi • Beige
Available Credits 6
Available Funds $136,704

Player's Stables

ID Stable Name Prefix Location Value Type
2158 Anker Ak --, -- $200,000 Boarding
2297 Visculenhof VH Praaven, England $100,000 Private

Player's Horses

ID Name DOB Color Breed Sire Dam
33054 Cambeline S 09/18 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DPPR Philosophical Joker PCRA Geisha
36166 Armarni CF 01/19 Bay Akhal-Teke Absolon CF Elmira CF
36577 RFE Lutrya 06/19 chestnut British Warmblood Pss Lottery Ticket Singapore KN
36709 KR Friedolin 01/19 Liver Chestnut Tobiano Swedish Warmblood KR Lightning* KR Crowining Moment*
36710 KR Captured in Wonderland 01/19 Chestnut Hanoverian KR Wickes Wonderland* KR Alice and the Rabbit*
36711 KR Celtic Panda 01/19 Bay Tovero Splash Grade (Pony) KR Vikings Valor* KR Ceiltighal*
36712 ΛК Olgierd von Everec 01/19 Seal Bay Danish Warmblood ΛК Bohumil* ΛК Kristina*
36713 ΛК Dettlaff van der Eretein 01/19 Chestnut Finnish Warmblood ΛК Louis de la Croix* ΛК Brute of Lyria*
36714 ΛК Dun Tynne 01/19 Seal Bay Holsteiner ΛК Corvo Bianoc ΛК Tesham Mutnae*
36715 ΛК Corvo Bianco 10/18 Liver Chestnut Sooty Tovero Norwegian Warmblood ΛК Belgaard* ΛК Coronata*
36896 ΛК Jean-Louis Ludovic 05/19 Grey (chestnut) Berlin-Brandenburg ΛК Hamal ogn Dangbahli* ΛК Adriena de Rouleau*
36897 ΛК Pinastri's Hermitagel 01/19 Liver Chestnut Belgian Warmblood ΛК Count Beledal* ΛК Anna L'henrietta*
36898 ΛК Palmerin de Launfal 05/19 Grey Selle Français ΛК The Hermit at Lac Célavy* ΛК Tesham Mutnae*
37231 Ferrero HX 11/19 Dark Bay Swedish Warmblood St. Beauclair ΛК Tesham Mutnae*
37396 CE Autonomy 12/19 Black Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Autograph CA RG Scarlet Heart

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