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Kat Fiori
I like many breeds of horses, but now I'm concentrating on breeding the Russian Don and Selle Français.

Russian FederationPlayer Info

sushi • carmine
Available Credits 36
Available Funds $203,385

Player's Stables

ID Stable Name Prefix Location Value Type
1140 Gwynt o Newid CFC Elderfields, United Kingdom $1,900,000 Breeding

Player's Horses

ID Name DOB Color Breed Sire Dam
10485 Anthem Fear 04/12 Blood bay Thoroughbred Frankel Awesome Maria
10486 GN'Cherakash 02/12 Golden buckskin Akhal-Teke Eben Chomchala
31470 Tungus 11/17 Chestnut Russian Don
31471 Solovey 11/17 Light chestnut Russian Don
31472 Barynya 12/17 Light chestnut Russian Don
31473 GHS Igli 05/16 Light chestnut Russian Don
31502 HZ Silvio 01/18 Dark bay Holsteiner HZ Snow King HZ ​​Laguny
31503 HZ Orion Sternenoffizier 10/17 Black Holsteiner HZ ​​Oreo HZ Nala
31504 ECGN Dominatrix 04/16 Liver chestnut Selle Français Dimanche du Tussock LK'Trace Fox
31509 LK'Bosheron 08/15 Dark bay Selle Français Picasso Tortuga
31510 ECGN Flibustier 12/15 Bay Selle Français GSF Feel My Heart LK'Trace Fox
32107 ECGN Calchas 02/18 Chestnut Selle Français Judes Loi ECGN Callirhoe
32179 ECGN Meropa 01/18 Dapple grey Selle Français ECGN Megasthenes ECGN Aglaïa
32181 LK'Alive Tune 06/17 Bay Selle Français Tinkos Amore in Paradise
32182 LK'Camaro 01/18 Bay Selle Français LK'Elephant Tanagra
32183 LK'Gross Areal Hee 04/17 Bay Selle Français Ephebe For Ever Tanagra
32286 Joseph de Viol 04/15 Black Akhal-Teke Notre-Dame de Paris Jennette de Viol
32355 RD Orca 05/18 Chestnut Russian Don RD Obelisk RD Rapsodia
32356 Luchezarnaya 03/18 Chestnut Russian Don Landgraf Zastava
32357 Vicious 04/17 Dapple grey Orlov Trotter LHH Pepel Proshlogo GN Fabula
34532 ECGN Veresk 03/16 Bay Arabian Call Me Little Bro Vasmiya
34733 Flawe Sumbit 08/16 Bay Thoroughbred Sunset Brioni Flawless
34809 Diamond Boy 01/19 Black Thoroughbred Do It Aggressively Barracuda First
34850 Ice Crumb 05/18 Seal brown Thoroughbred Vestnik Buri Kelpi
34890 ECGN Bambino 11/18 Chestnut Selle Français LK'Bosheron LF'Bamonda de Sauvagere
34891 LK'Caramel 05/17 Dark bay Selle Français Ephebe For Ever Kirima
34892 LK'Cadillac 03/17 Bay Selle Français Don Rio Kirima
34893 LK'Clinton 08/16 Gray Oldenburg Cornet Obolensky Laguna

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