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Borja Domecq
I am Borja Domecq and I live in Cantabria, Spain. Currently I have two stables "Yeguada de Urquijo" and "Yeguada de Borges". The Urquijo stable is composed of Andalusian horses (PRE), while Borges has warmbloods and other breeds.

My job in the stud is to be the director and veterinarian, among others. Normally I am settled in Cantabria with my family, but I usually travel to Salamanca where the "Yeguada de Borges" is located.

Player Info

Lasagna • Blue
Available Credits 4
Available Funds $132,735

Player's Stables

ID Stable Name Prefix Location Value Type
1659 Yeguada Marqués de Urquijo de Urquijo Cantabria, Spain $5,000,750 Breeding
2236 Yeguada de Borges de Borges Cantabria, Spain $1,000,000 Breeding

Player's Horses

ID Name DOB Color Breed Sire Dam
5196 Flamenca I de Urquijo 01/17 Bay Andalusian Orgulloso MOR Ohara CEN
7178 HCC Eponine 06/13 grey Andalusian Vingador Saloia II
9553 Invasor HE 09/13 Chestnut Andalusian Norte Lovera Libanesa HE
10078 RDEC Carinosa 01/14 Dapple Grey Andalusian Rondador III De La Campana Esplendorosa II De La Campana
10621 RDEC Marinosa VII 02/14 Grey (Smoky Black) Andalusian Rondador III De la Campana RDEC Carisma V
12310 SVR's Map Master 08/14 Chestnut Tobiano American Paint Horse GPS Under The Sun GPS Darling Red
12685 YI Saturno del Impío 08/14 Grey Andalusian YI Fogoso V del Impío HCC Eponine
13447 YI Lebrero del Impío 11/11 Dark bay Andalusian YI Digno del Impío YI Soriana del Impío
13572 QMR Red Dawn 09/14 Chestnut American Quarter Horse (AQH) Calumeth MF WFR/MRR Doc's Sky
14449 YI Desaire del Impío 11/14 Seal Brown Andalusian YI Cerbero del Impío YI Mandarina del Impío
18717 YI Cautiva IX del Impío 11/14 Chestnut Andalusian YI Escarto del Impío Celeridad Galiana
19165 Atrevida X del Sicomoro 07/13 Bay Andalusian Sevillano del Sicomoro Barroca LX del Sicomoro
21055 Adelantada II de Urquijo 09/09 Grey Andalusian Periquito I Valeriana II
21154 WRNGS Lauquiniz V 10/15 Smokey Black (Grey) Andalusian CLC Indiano De la Campana Imaginacin De La Campana
21220 Galerna I de Urquijo 09/15 black Andalusian ED Artista III Adelantada II de Urquijo
21420 Bandolera de Urquijo 01/15 Black Andalusian Kafu III ED Pajarera
21469 EWE Divine Direction 02/17 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) WD Outta My Sky Extalia VDH
21492 Danzarín III de Urquijo 07/09 Black Andalusian ED Elegido XIV Carbonera II de Urquijo
21618 Castañuela II De la Campana 10/14 Dark Bay Andalusian Mercenario IX De la Campana Campeona XI De la Campana
22105 RDEC Glorioso 12/15 Grey (Bay) Andalusian RDEC DICTADOR RDEC MARINOSA VII
23682 Brybella S (out on loan) 08/15 Light chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) SBS Cupid AR Taskora
24636 MBS Jupiter Rising 05/16 Chestnut British Sport Pony Dumbo Flies GHA TLM Sky's The Limit
24778 EWE Starhawk 11/15 Chestnut Swedish Warmblood Foundation Foundation
24859 PCRA/FWEC Supernatural Pressure 11/16 Grey (Bay) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DVEC Vuelt GRG Passionata
25020 FWEC Zericichanne 07/16 Grey (Chestnut) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) PCRA Dragon RDEC Zephira
27575 G-Star AW 01/17 Chestnut Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) EWE Starhawk Vegra AW
27890 Zamorana I de Urquijo 08/16 Seal Brown Andalusian ZAMORANO V DE URQUIJO DANZARINA DE URQUIJO
27897 Lebrijano de Urquijo 12/16 Black Andalusian MBS Detente Bala RDEC Marinosa VII
27918 YDA Azalea 02/18 Chestnut Andalusian YDA TRAVIESO YDA SORIA
28511 VPE Emmeline 11/16 Grey (Chestnut Base) Andalusian VPE Âmnes des Damnés Andaluka V en Ciere
28699 Rika VC 04/16 Bay Selle Français DENVER OILILY VAN DE VONDELHOEVE
28769 Baguira de Borges 01/17 Bay Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) EWE Starhawk Tahití de Cuatro Soles
28770 Jaramba de Urquijo 12/15 Grey (Black) Andalusian Habanero XLI Celtica DD
28807 Bounti de Borges 01/17 Chestnut Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) EWE Starhawk Kerly
28846 Tentación II de Urquijo 01/17 Grey (Black) Andalusian Danzarín III de Urquijo Jaramba de Urquijo
28963 Rigoletto II VC 01/17 Bay Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Foundation Foundation
29236 Fígaro VC 01/17 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Foundation Foundation
29285 Kelpie de Borges 03/17 Bay Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Fígaro VC Baguira de Borges
29286 Jika de Borges 03/17 Bay Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Fígaro VC Rika VC
29294 Neruda de Borges 04/17 Bay Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Fígaro VC Bounti de Borges
29295 Miña de Borges 12/17 Bay Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) EWE Starhawk Tahití de CuatroSoles
29430 PCRA Gabhriella 05/17 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Zamarivo RDEC Germania
29587 Capuchino de Borges 01/18 Bay Tobiano Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Dazcord Decs EWE Divine Direction
29647 Utrerano de Urquijo 02/17 Bay Andalusian Lebrijano de Urquijo AC Naiara
29922 Yucatán de Urquijo 08/17 Grey (Bay) Andalusian RDEC Glorioso MRD Cazurra III del Cascabel
30557 Foco L de Urquijo 12/17 Grey Andalusian WRNGS Lauquiniz V Juiciosa XVIII de Urquijo
30787 PCRA Geraldine 12/17 Greying bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) PCRA Wild Fire PCRA Gabhriella
32532 Kiandra PF (lease) 02/18 Dark Bay Belgian Warmblood Sandro PF Kita
32622 Kitana K&K 04/18 Chestnut Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) SSH Kosmos Kora
32786 TBS Amber Down (lease) 02/18 Sooty Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Doménech Chirlon TBS Abendstern
32980 Segovia de Urquijo 09/18 Black Andalusian Sombrerero de Urquijo Soberbia I de Urquijo
33498 Mazurca de Urquijo 10/18 Bay Andalusian Marengo I de Urquijo Zamorana I de Urquijo
33511 Urano de Urquijo 04/18 Bay Andalusian - -
33778 Castizo III de Urquijo 12/17 Black Andalusian Danzarín III de Urquijo Gondolera II de Urquijo
33935 Faraona I de Urquijo 01/18 Chestnut Andalusian
33936 Interceptora I de Urquijo 01/18 Bay Andalusian
34753 Lubricante de Borges 07/18 Bay Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Rigoletto II VC Kelpie de Borges
34900 Ontaneda de Borges 09/19 Bay Tobiano Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Foundation Foundation
34980 Danone de Borges 12/18 Bay Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) EWE Starhawk Cherry Supernova PF
35651 X de Urquijo 06/19 Chestnut Andalusian YDS Guerrero del Sicomoro YI Cautiva IX del Impío
35683 TBS Welcome Teddy (lease) 12/18 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) BSCL Watch Me TBS Teodora XX
35726 ECH Hyperbole (lease) 08/16 Black Selle Français
35727 ECH Kempri (lease) 11/16 Bay Selle Français
35964 Resuelto de Urquijo 04/19 Perlino Andalusian YDS Camarón del Sicomoro YDA Revoltosa
35970 Kilborn's Amona 01/19 Black Tobiano Shetland Pony Foundation Foundation
36154 Cassini S 07/19 Greying Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Durango S Abigale S
36203 Zafra YM 01/19 Grey (Bay) Arabian BABUINO ZANCA
36470 ECH Diamond kids (lease) 07/17 Seal Brown Selle Français ECH Kempri ECH Hyperbole
36493 Orgaz de Borges 09/19 Bay Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) Pentagon L
36494 Oropesa de Borges 09/19 Chestnut Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) PSS Benai Alizette L
36552 TBS Show Me Victory (lease) 09/19 Gray (Black) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Thunder's Myth IRCE Delicate Rose
36600 Vannan S 04/19 Chestnut Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) - -
37120 Pancorbo de Borges 11/19 Black Losino Pony Brujo Tobalina
37222 Místico de Borges 08/19 Gray (Bay) Poney Français de Selle Foundation Foundation

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