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Leah Harrington
My name is Leah! I have loved horses for all my life. I grew up with my dad (Alexander), and my mom (Meredith) near a large horse ranch. I have been riding since I was 8 years old. As a child and teenager, I continued my equine education, worked as a stablehand on the ranch and competed in various events. My best friend from my childhood has been and continues to be Brandon. We are married and have three amazing children: Liam, Piper and Bailey. Along with our kids, we have two family dogs named Onyx and Rhapsadie. Our family keeps us busy, but we couldn't be more happy! Brandon always tells me I am a bit of a dreamer, but making those dreams into a reality is what has made my life so enjoyable!

United StatesPlayer Info

Cobbler • Spice Brown
Available Credits 17
Available Funds $627,287

Player's Stables

ID Stable Name Prefix Location Value Type
71 Golden Orchard Stables GOS Avila Valley, USA $6,800,000 Private
198 Golden Harvest Farm GHF Wolfsmere, USA $2,500,000 Breeding

Player's Horses

ID Name DOB Color Breed Sire Dam
780 CDC Perseus 01/13 Black Trakehner CDC St. Clair CDC Phantasie
787 GOS Orion's Defiance 02/12 Black Trakehner Poseidon Euryale
788 GOS Jack Of Hearts 05/12 Liver Chestnut Trakehner Black Jack Queen Of Hearts
1076 GOS Vienna Waltz 03/12 Bay Trakehner Emperor Waltz Citrons Bloom
1077 GOS Indian Summer 06/12 Flaxen Chestnut Trakehner Rain King Autumn Sunset
1221 GOS Infinite Royal 01/12 Bay Swiss Warmblood King's Glory Ideal Lady
1222 GOS King Maker 02/12 Grey (Black) Swiss Warmblood Invocation Mystical Elegance
1223 GOS Lady Matilda 04/12 Bay Swiss Warmblood Faronell Minette
1224 GOS Saving Grace 04/12 Bay Swiss Warmblood Titus Gratia
1225 GOS Crown Prince 12/12 Black Swiss Warmblood GOS Infinite Royal GOS Lady Matilda
1226 GOS Autumn Grace 12/12 Chestnut Swiss Warmblood GOS King Maker GOS Saving Grace
1227 GOS Rebel Gold 06/12 Buckskin Trakehner Shanghaied Gabby Shuffle
1228 GOS Honey and Clover 06/12 Palomino Trakehner Tanacross Hattie Cake
1229 GOS Winter Rose 05/12 Grey (Bay) Trakehner Anastas Iraina
1354 WD Cincinnati 10/11 Chestnut Hanoverian
1647 GOS Adelina 03/12 Grey (Black) Hanoverian Audamar Benedikta
1648 GOS Caramia 05/12 Bay Hanoverian Corrado Aurelia
1928 AAC Mondfee 09/12 Black Trakehner Polarion Gipsy Lady
2097 Hantara d'Auroy 03/13 Grey (Chestnut) Selle Français Voltaire du Tussock Cendre d'Auroy
2103 WD Verano 04/12 Bay Hanoverian
2253 RFS Rogue 01/13 Black Trakehner MacGyver Magdalena
2254 WEC Bianka 01/13 Grey (Black) Hanoverian VRH Bacardi WEC Sol Bianca
2255 MRS Mississippi Rain 01/13 Bay Trakehner MRS Not Another MRS Alaisiagae
2256 WEC Oberon 02/13 Chestnut Hanoverian WEC/CDC Onatello PES Eternity
2299 VRH Saranna 03/13 Chestnut Hanoverian EEC/VRH Cascari VRH Sahara
2424 GOS Navarre 11/11 Bay Hanoverian Nazar Mélida
2425 GOS Genevilla 04/12 Black Hanoverian Granucillo Montillana
2426 GOS Bellissima 05/12 Flaxen Chestnut Hanoverian Bandon Delicia
2669 SSE Muse 11/12 Bay Hanoverian SSE Gladiator SSE Ride My Vespa
2727 SSH Symphony 11/12 Chestnut Sabino Splash Thoroughbred RMH Still Poetry(Deceased) WPE Ying and Yang
2859 WHM Delatrice 04/13 Grey (Chestnut) Trakehner OP Basillico OP Dicembre
2956 CDC Escapade 03/12 Black Hanoverian Escudo I Gesa
2957 RWE Sophista 03/13 Bay Hanoverian WEC Chronicle EEC Let It Rain
2998 VS Bloody Mary 03/13 Bay Hanoverian Flammentanz GOS Caramia
3139 Made In Manhattan S 01/13 Grey (Bay) Trakehner Feuertanzer Sidney
3706 CDC Isola 10/12 Grey (Black) Trakehner CDC Bacchus CDC Isolde
3821 WHM Maestro 10/12 Bay Oldenburg Ricochet Valencia
4110 WD Gimlet 01/13 Palomino Trakehner WD Armani WD American Beauty
4111 WD Curacao 01/13 Palomino Overo Trakehner WD Syncopation WD Black Dahlia
4112 JTB Ayar 12/12 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Spanish Barb
4119 WEC Shadowless 11/12 Gray (Black) Hanoverian LEC Eligius WEC Czara
4200 Visionairt HAS 11/12 Chestnut Hanoverian Ballettmeister Verona
4309 WEC Rowena 03/13 Bay Tobiano Oldenburg Rixxon Tonska IV
4507 GOS Celebrindal 01/11 Grey (Chestnut) Trakehner Galathilion Calacirya
4508 GOS Tinúviel 05/11 Seal Brown Trakehner Telperion Timpani
4509 GOS Lúthien 09/11 Bay Trakehner Telperion Leithian
4579 Fée Jolie du Tussock 05/12 Grey (Black) Selle Français Voltaire du Tussock Austère de Long Champs
4581 Fantast IX 04/12 Blue Roan Trakehner Galib Ben Afas Fantasie
4687 Saturn's Saint REC 04/13 Dark Brown Sabino Hanoverian Sail On By REC VRH Celiane
5173 Kona Storm 01/13 Grey (Black) Sabino Thoroughbred Typhoon Supernova
5174 Mai Tai 01/13 Chestnut Thoroughbred Hpnotiq Breeze Ginger Crush
5215 PX/GOS Minamia 05/13 Flaxen Chestnut Hanoverian KS Mr Fanta Pants GOS Bellissima
5216 CDC/GOS Hyperion 06/13 Bay Sabino Trakehner CDC St. Clair GOS Honey and Clover
5224 VS Wilmer 07/13 Grey (Chestnut) Hanoverian Wirbelsturm GOS Adelina
5225 Lyonesse HAS 07/13 Fleabitten Grey Hanoverian Lion In Winter HAS GOS Genevilla
5226 GOS Elwing 10/11 Grey (Black) Trakehner Rimmon Ekkaia
5602 GOS Helcaraxë 09/13 Cremello Trakehner GOS Rebel Gold GOS Honey and Clover
5603 GOS Limlaith 09/13 Liver Chestnut Trakehner GOS Jack Of Hearts GOS Lúthien
5604 GOS Mírdain 09/13 Black Trakehner GOS Orion's Defiance AAC Mondfee
5605 GOS Tintallë 09/13 Seal Brown Trakehner GOS Orion's Defiance GOS Tinúviel
5887 CDC Ianthe 07/13 Chestnut Trakehner VE Vigilante CDC Isolde
6082 CDC Titania 09/13 Chestnut Trakehner VE Vigilante CDC Talisa
6166 Kendari HF 10/13 Bay Swedish Warmblood Howler HF BHS Baletto
6428 GOS Alégresse 06/12 Bay Swiss Warmblood Aventure Vivacité
6621 AA Zaahir 10/13 Chestnut Sabino Arabian AA Shaker Sharatan Aa
6812 GOS Méthode 10/10 Chestnut Swiss Warmblood Montélimar Marielle
6813 GOS Décembre 06/11 Grey (Chestnut) Swiss Warmblood Désiré Amarante
6814 GOS Éponine 08/11 Bay Swiss Warmblood Enjolras Minette
6937 Jumelle des Grèzes 11/13 Chestnut Tobiano Pottok Titan des Grèzes Riquita des Grèzes
6956 WES Journey 12/13 Chestnut Hanoverian WES Joy De Vie CGS Austrian Gold
7317 CGS Austrian Gold 08/12 Brown Hanoverian Ahorn Boy Gallery
7467 AAC/GOS Heart of Dixie 09/13 Black Hanoverian WEC Taos GOS Bellissima
7469 ILA Cassius 10/13 Liver Chestnut Hanoverian LEC Call Me Constantine WD Verano
7679 GOS/Corner's Every Me 10/13 Grey (Bay) Hanoverian CDC Escapade Corner's Anytime
7680 GOS/Corner's Night Fire 10/13 Chestnut Hanoverian GOS Navarre Corner's Cool Brain
8589 Abracadabra PL 12/13 Black Tobiano Trakehner WD Black Magic Paint it Black
8689 GOS/PHE Nabrina 10/13 Bay Hanoverian GOS Navarre SGE/PHE Moon Yrish
9624 UW Larisia 01/14 Chestnut Dominant White Trakehner WD Poseidon GOS Lúthien
9681 GOS Kodachrome 01/14 Grey (Chestnut) Swiss Warmblood GOS King Maker GOS Décembre
9682 GOS Ilarion 01/14 Bay Swiss Warmblood GOS Infinite Royal GOS Genevilla
9683 GOS Kayetan 01/14 Chestnut Swiss Warmblood GOS King Maker GOS Bellissima
9684 GOS Nadège 01/14 Bay Swiss Warmblood GOS Navarre GOS Méthode
9685 GOS Ilithyia 01/14 Black Hanoverian GOS Infinite Royal WD Verano
9686 GOS Nanaea 01/14 Chestnut Hanoverian GOS Navarre GOS Caramia
9687 GOS Nereida 01/14 Grey (Black) Hanoverian GOS Navarre GOS Adelina
9931 GOS Carnimírië 01/14 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Trakehner GOS Jack Of Hearts GOS Celebrindal
10882 GOS Lothíriel 05/14 Smoky Black Trakehner GOS Rebel Gold GOS Lúthien
10992 Tarobas 10/12 Bay Swiss Warmblood
10993 Corinna 10/12 Chestnut Swiss Warmblood
11445 RDEC Rockette (lease) 03/14 Dapple Grey Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC ALPHA CHARLIE RDEC ROSEVILLE
11935 Lumir 02/14 Bay Swiss Warmblood Tarobas GOS Alégresse
11974 Peppermint Pattie PBA 08/13 Black Tobiano Chincoteague Pony
11975 GOS Ticaboo 08/12 Bay Sabino Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A) Teddy Boy Peekaboo
12871 CDC Despoina 09/14 Bay Trakehner WHM Henri d'Aramitz CDC Duela
12957 YI Kaiser II del Impío 06/11 Grey (Chestnut) Trakehner Kaiser I Celefis
12973 GOS Calacirian 09/15 Black Trakehner GOS Orion's Defiance GOS Celebrindal
12978 GOS Thorondor 09/15 Bay Trakehner GOS Rebel Gold GOS Tinúviel
13380 DRS Hitting Speed 09/14 Chestnut Trakehner
13697 Monachyle's Lupercalié 03/14 Chestnut Trakehner Rocher D'or La Perla
13701 Monachyle's Amindra 01/15 Bay Trakehner Acatenango Capella
15412 Belle L'amore HL 12/14 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Bastien Lorette
15413 Monachyle's Aeronwen 07/14 Bay Trakehner Arpeggio Kolibri
15622 Murciélago 02/13 Seal Brown Trakehner
15623 Eisbiber 02/13 Sooty Bay Trakehner
15735 CDC Iphthime 01/15 Chestnut Trakehner SF Inferno CDC Isobel
15739 CDC Fama 01/15 Black Trakehner WHM Denkul WHM Frilla
15741 CDC Rheintenes 01/15 Black Trakehner CDC Bacchus CDC Rheingold
15866 Fredrikelof's Rosalee 02/15 Chestnut Hanoverian IEQ Royalist WEC Bianka
15869 Fredrikelof's Éclair 02/15 Buckskin Overo Czech Warmblood VRH Echo Fée Jolie du Tussock
16022 Nala des Grèzes 09/13 Palomino Pottok Ippolyte des Grèzes Toundra d'Ouvel
16967 Vintage Lady AW 03/15 Buckskin Belgian Warmblood DMS Eclipse DMS Havana
16968 RN Rosenspiel (GER) 03/15 Grey (Black) Thoroughbred Pinetree's Rosenj�ger Pinetree's Lichtspiel
17108 SRF's At My King's Expense 01/15 Bay Thoroughbred
17496 Rohirrim's Rockefeller 06/13 Bay Trakehner Kykuit Renata
17569 Avianna L 04/15 Bay Swedish Warmblood Woodford's After Dark Caprice L
17592 Rohirrim's Rorschach 04/15 Bay Trakehner The Moonless Sky HL WHM Delatrice
17692 CE Isabey 04/15 Bay Tobiano Trakehner WD Picasso GOS Indian Summer
17820 TSS My Boo 10/11 Buckskin Poney Français de Selle Garav My Darling
17821 TSS Beatin 12/12 Chestnut Tobiano Poney Français de Selle Hussar Pockerfly
17822 TSS Puppet 11/13 Bay Poney Français de Selle Okiro Lady Doll
17823 TSS Vandie 03/13 Grey (Bay) Sabino Grade (Pony) Saint Peter Yagna
17843 RDEC Hekuba (lease) 01/15 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Ambassador RDEC Hell Express
17913 HRST Abendstern 02/14 Bay Sabino Trakehner HRST Diamond's Duo HRST Abendgold
17967 GOS Ferien (out on loan) 04/15 Chestnut Trakehner GOS Jack Of Hearts HRST First Dance
17968 GOS Fitzroy 04/15 Black Trakehner GOS Jack Of Hearts MSE Facile Enchantment
18122 Blackberry Summer 01/15 Black Thoroughbred Rockabilly* Za Za Zuma*
18160 Sweet Symphony SHS 01/15 Chestnut Thoroughbred Drummer Boy SHS MT Caramel Treasure
18161 Tuxedo Mask SHS 03/15 Chestnut Thoroughbred El Gaucho SHS HPS Serenity
18583 FC Do Not Resuscitate 05/15 Bay Sabino Thoroughbred Lion Hearted* Dead Aim*
18607 Another Perfect Day AW 04/15 Black Thoroughbred Evening Mist Perfect Day
18879 CDC Veritas 06/15 Bay Overo Trakehner WHM Henri d'Aramitz WD Villette
18880 CDC Nireus 06/15 Grey (Bay) Trakehner DEC Fortissimo DEC Natural Rose
18881 CDC Antigone 06/15 Buckskin Sabino Trakehner CDC Pacifico WHM Anawega
19748 Taygete SHS 05/15 Palomino Trakehner Solar Eclipse SHS CDC Titania
19749 Melinoe SHS 05/15 Bay Trakehner EEC This Means War MRS Mississippi Rain
19750 Celestine SF 07/15 Flaxen Chestnut Sabino German Riding Pony
19751 Velsper SF 07/15 Black German Riding Pony
19752 Hild SF 07/15 Palomino German Riding Pony
19753 Belldandy SF 07/15 Bay German Riding Pony
20671 HRST Devil's Fire 01/15 Bay Trakehner Doctor Faustus Demon's Kiss
20720 CDC Caesarea 09/15 Bay Belgian Warmblood SSE Old Navy DMS Viva La Vida
21070 Hamilton de Lautre 10/15 Black Selle Français Remington de Lautre Angeline
21110 Bedford's Empire 10/15 Bay Trakehner Altaïr S GOS Indian Summer
21314 WHEC Lorenzo 02/14 Bay Trakehner Undecided Leave it to me
21626 Compadre 06/15 Bay Roan Trakehner
21655 King Kipawa 09/15 Sooty Bay German Riding Pony
21656 Finest Selection 06/15 Bay Tobiano German Riding Pony
21657 Royal Fire 05/15 Blue Roan German Riding Pony
21658 Emma Lee 04/15 Buckskin German Riding Pony
21662 Vanilla Rose II 07/15 Perlino German Riding Pony
21665 Deep Pacific 02/15 Grey (Black) German Riding Pony
21667 Maid Marion 04/15 Palomino German Riding Pony
21730 Monachyle's November Avenue 11/15 Bay Holsteiner WEC Don Auriello Husaria AW
21756 CDC Meliae 10/15 Smoky Black Sabino Trakehner CDC Rheinruhm Marzipan S
21932 RE Isla N Rum 10/15 Grey (Black) Trakehner Broudein's Rum N Redbull CDC Isola
22217 Monachyle's Palanquin 03/16 Black Trakehner HPS Misdemeanor Monachyle's Aeronwen
22276 Mockingjay AW 03/15 Grey (Black) Holsteiner HCP Son of I Husaria AW
22771 RP Showdown with Death 10/15 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) NRR Show Stopper ADS Death & Destruction
22829 Bad Omen (E) T 01/16 Grey (Black) Trakehner Broudein's Rum N Redbull SAEC Where The Roses Grow
22920 Monachyle's Lovelace 01/15 Bay Tobiano Trakehner Warstorm Ghostmane
23210 Xonerated T 02/16 Bay Thoroughbred Rohirrim's Xavier Meter Maid T
23753 Monachyle's Feabuie 01/15 Grey (Bay) Oldenburg
23754 Monachyle's Beatrixe 01/15 Liver Chestnut Oldenburg
23758 Monachyle's Saint Harbour 01/15 Bay Oldenburg
23759 Monachyle's Battlescar 01/15 Liver Chestnut Oldenburg
23913 GOS Gaemon 02/17 Perlino Trakehner
23952 PCRA Frisky Whiskey 01/16 Bay Trakehner Sigma's Ren HRST Fiddle Dee-Dee
24346 Eretria's Remedy 10/15 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) SG Budget Buster DES My L'il Wonder
24381 WSP Tiamat 01/16 Chestnut German Riding Pony BSH/VS Toronto WSP Morgenr�te
24397 Pretty in Pink 04/16 Gray (Chestnut) Thoroughbred Pretty Boy in Blue Pink Lily
24399 Queen Anne's Lace 04/16 Black Sabino Thoroughbred King Me Chantilly Lace
24775 WSP Karisha 01/16 Bay Tobiano German Riding Pony WSP Kr�melmonster WSP Zimtschnecke
24836 Goldswick's Diego 06/15 Chestnut Thoroughbred
24850 Pandarus NC 06/16 Chestnut Sabino Trakehner Where's The Rum NC UW Larisia
24851 Matarys of Rosewood 02/15 Grey (Black) Trakehner
25307 Farcry 03/16 Chestnut Westphalian Triton N56 Kriata Norm
25380 Myosotis´ Arvensis 10/15 Bay Trakehner
25521 GOS Tyanna 06/15 Bay Swiss Warmblood
25554 Eastbourgh's Bellegere 06/15 Bay Swiss Warmblood
25555 SME Trial By Fire 07/16 Chestnut Trakehner MSE Collateral Damage CDC Titania
25556 SME Vitaliya 07/16 Flaxen Chestnut Sabino Trakehner SME Ray of Redemption GOS Vienna Waltz
25557 GOS Inglorion 06/16 Grey (Bay) Sabino Trakehner GOS Jack Of Hearts CDC Icona
25647 SAEC Chaos Walking 02/16 Bay Trakehner
25648 VLF Nobilis 10/15 Grey (Bay) Westphalian
26217 SSH SiLS War Chief 09/16 Grey (Bay) Sabino Grade (Draft) TLM Mr. Opportunity Song of War SHS
26387 Cheap Thrills 09/16 Black Thoroughbred QMR Little Charmer BT Stormy Song
26412 WPW Edana 01/16 Bay Tobiano Irish Sport Horse UW Raven And The Dove DPS Color Me Crazy
26509 Maeije L (lease) 07/16 Black Friesian Beart 411* Annegjen*
27040 Pss Slumber Party 12/14 Bay Thoroughbred Jolly Soul Christmas Cheer
27189 VPE Hadriana 08/16 Bay Swiss Warmblood MHS Hamilton GOS Saving Grace
27208 DPS Guessina 12/16 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) DPS Keep on Dancing Cavatina L
27310 GOS Fantassin 06/16 Grey (Smoky Black) Trakehner MSE Old Number Seven (E) MSE Full Disclosure (E)
27311 GOS Oubliette 06/16 Black Trakehner MSE Merchant of the Damned (O) MSE Old Mythologies (T)
27329 LIB Gemini 10/16 Bay Swiss Warmblood LIB Silhouette GOS Lady Matilda
27330 GOS Kassitera 10/16 Grey (Black) Swiss Warmblood GOS Kodachrome LIB Mystical Treasure
27331 GOS Chamberlain 10/16 Bay Swiss Warmblood GOS Crown Prince GOS Nadège
27360 GOS Ekkaiana 10/16 Grey (Buckskin) Trakehner DEC Schnell GOS Elwing
27376 SSH Dacaprio 01/17 Chestnut Hanoverian Da Hussler REC PX/GOS Minamia
27377 TMBR Maestro 01/17 Bay Trakehner TMBR Abraxas MRS Mississippi Rain
27436 Montrose AT 09/15 Bay Thoroughbred Oleander Aria
27489 RP Passion De Tango (lease) 12/17 Grey (Black) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) ERETRIA'S MARINER RP DON'T STOP THE QUEEN
27784 Myosotis' Walker 02/17 Grey (Bay) Trakehner Myosotis' Page GOS Winter Rose
27785 Myosotis' Arizona 02/17 Black Trakehner WD Gimlet Myosotis' Ailana
27882 Devon's The Walking Dead 10/16 Black Trakehner foundation foundation
27989 ART Arannelya 02/17 Palomino Tobiano Pintabian
28071 Myosotis' Freestyle 12/16 Bay Trakehner foundation foundation
28079 ART Summerset 02/17 Flaxen Chestnut Overo Pintabian
28155 CSR Lucky Lil' Lena 10/16 Blue Roan Tobiano American Paint Horse
28274 Eastbourgh's Haydée 02/17 Chestnut Swiss Warmblood Hulior d'Auroy GOS Éponine
28275 Eastbourgh's Origenes 02/17 Grey (Bay) Swiss Warmblood Eastbourgh's Organised Chaos GOS Méthode
28432 Bootlegger Bay 03/17 Bay Thoroughbred QMR Desired Allegiance Mai Tai
28500 VPE Lantana 11/16 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Leviatan RDEC Vaccanta
28603 WPW Be Seeing You 03/17 Palomino Tobiano Trakehner Abracadabra PL GOS Lothíriel
28611 PCRA Baryshnikov 01/17 Liver Chestnut Trakehner MSE Bad Horse HRST First Dance
28612 PCRA Furiette 01/17 Flaxen Chestnut Trakehner MSE Under The Influence (T) HRST Fiddle Dee-Dee
28673 ART Absalom 04/17 Black Splash Pintabian
28853 Storm Zone 02/17 Bay Thoroughbred SG Twilight Zone PC Scarlet Letter
29102 RP Timmy The Trackstar 02/17 Bay Trakehner WRNGS Tiny Tim MSE/RP Lucky Star
29276 GOS Rómenna 06/17 Smoky Black Roan Trakehner Fantast IX EEC Rosalie
29281 Myosotis' Dahlie 06/17 Bay Tobiano Trakehner Myosotis' Kentucky Future CDC Despoina
29282 Myosotis' Linde 06/17 Chestnut Sabino Trakehner CDC/GOS Hyperion Myosotis' Launa Crack
29417 GOS Caraxes 06/17 Black Trakehner HRST Smokin' Cigarette WD Curacao
29418 GOS Cerelle 06/17 Palomino Splash Trakehner DP Golden Galaxy GOS Carnimírië
29419 GOS Landroval 06/17 Bay Trakehner MSE Maker's Mark GOS Lothíriel
29420 Andromeda NC 06/17 Smoky Black Sabino Trakehner Antritt NC DP Xaar Melody
29503 GOS Mancos 06/17 Seal Brown Trakehner GOS Erchamion Murciélago
29688 Szymon NA 01/18 Bay Arabian MÄ…ciwoda Ames Perfection
29932 Foxhurst's Tourbillon 08/17 Black Thoroughbred Ocean Pearl's Benzin Up is Down
30099 GOS Emerie 06/17 Sooty Chestnut Trakehner Rohirrim's Rockefeller Eisbiber
30101 Silver's Ilexana 08/17 Chestnut Trakehner AAC Golden Star CDC Ianthe
30102 GOS Hollister 08/17 Bay Swiss Warmblood Highcruiser L GOS Nadège
30103 GOS Renzelle 08/17 Black Swiss Warmblood Rushmore L GOS Nereida
30104 GOS Daeryssa 09/17 Chestnut Trakehner PAR Druid WHM Delatrice
30105 GOS Florijan 10/17 Buckskin Trakehner Imperial Ghost REC CDC Fama
30106 GOS Seregon 10/17 Seal Brown Sabino Hanoverian Sacrament REC GOS Tintallë
30467 TMBR Leonidas 11/16 Bay Trakehner TMBR Abraxas Rose Noire AW
30558 WPW Vanishing Gods 12/17 Grey (Seal Brown) Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse)
30623 Monachyle's L'inquisitor 12/17 Chestnut Sabino Trakehner Woodford's Lordryn Honeybrook Briar Rose
30658 Z Annella 12/17 Bay Arabian
30669 Woodford's Vizija 12/17 Palomino Sabino Trakehner GOS Vinzenz Woodford's Florania
30684 Revelwood's Disaronno 12/17 Grey (Bay) Thoroughbred RN Walencio Katsura d'Auroy
30845 Pss St. Armands 01/18 Seal Brown Sabino Thoroughbred
30944 KPE Charlemagne 01/18 Palomino German Riding Pony KPE Charmeur Roscoe
30969 VPE Serenei 01/18 Bay Tobiano Trakehner
30972 DPPR See The Crown 01/18 Perlino Tobiano Trakehner GE Royally Masochistic WPW Be Seeing You
31064 Monachyle's Jaehaera 10/17 Chestnut Roan Trakehner
31120 GOS Valora 02/18 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Vandalist WEC Bianka
31187 Troubadour GV 10/17 Buckskin Tobiano German Riding Pony
31208 DPPR Monstrum Hostis 02/18 Palomino Dominant White Trakehner MSE Invisible Monsters CDC Antigone
31267 Peorth GV 10/17 Seal Brown Roan Splash German Riding Pony
31268 Amras GV 10/17 Smoky Black Tobiano Splash Trakehner
31388 TMBR Empyre 01/18 Black Trakehner Monachyle's Aureole TMBR Europa
32272 Phaedrus NC 06/18 Buckskin Sabino Trakehner Peisistratus NC CDC Meliae
32404 GOS Kalea 07/18 Bay Swiss Warmblood SSE Kon-Tiki RDEC Hekuba
32405 GOS Regula 07/18 Chestnut Tobiano Swiss Warmblood WEC Ravallo GOS Autumn Grace
32406 GOS Xenon 07/18 Grey (Bay) Swiss Warmblood Xanthos HF RDEC Rockette

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