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Erin Ward
Erin is a 25-year old Canadian who, despite having an English degree, isn't very good at writing about herself, and finds that doing so in the third-person is rather disconcerting. She'd much prefer to use gifs to express herself in this - you can't disappoint a picture. (Yes, she does have a gif with that quote, thank you very much.) At Equus, Erin is the current president of the Arabian Association as well as general Equus helper monkey. She's also always open for a chat with fellow Equus members, so please, feel free to contact her!

Erin can usually be found spouting pop culture quotes and correcting grammar in the presence of her boyfriend and three dogs, the latter of which are undoubtedly trying to climb into her lap as she types this.

CanadaPlayer Info

sushi • yellow
Available Credits 12
Available Funds $1,437,309

Player's Stables

ID Stable Name Prefix Location Value Type
11 Coeur d'Coeurs Equestrian CDC ---, Canada $1,200,000 Private
215 VonRoenn Stud VRS Queenstown, Canada $2,000,000 Breeding
404 Al-Qalb Stud AQS Monte Vista, Canada $2,000,000 Breeding

Player's Horses

ID Name DOB Color Breed Sire Dam
24 LEC Elusive Embrace 01/12 Black Hanoverian LEC Call Me Casanova LEC Eloquence
50 Authentic 11/11 Brown Württemberger Genuine Touch Lady Godiva
88 CDC Asilah 08/12 Grey Arabian Nasir al Din Evangelinna
90 CDC Hpnotiq 09/12 Flaxen Chestnut Arabian Al-Ikseer X-Otica RA
180 WHM Ffionette 03/12 Grey Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) WHM Shosone's Foxglove WHM Marionette
182 WHM Anawega 06/12 Dark Bay Sabino Trakehner WHM Vegas Rhythm WHM Anastasius
188 WHM Henri d'Aramitz 03/12 Bay Trakehner WHM Gaston WHM Last Sonata
228 VS Seventh Miracle 04/12 Grey Finnish Warmblood Don Rigoletto Faded Silhouette
271 WVS Fidgie 06/12 flaxen chestnut Anglo-Arabian (AHA) WVS Rustic Forebear WVS Falcon Fire
467 WHM Dare I Say 01/13 Bay Trakehner WHM Denkul WHM Irish Bride
510 WHM Mantis 01/12 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) WHM Marvel WHM Roma
728 CDC Bacchus 12/11 Bay Trakehner Rubino Bethany
729 CDC St. Clair 11/11 Black Sabino Trakehner Tepestriad Senza
730 CDC Ravenswood VA 12/11 Bay Hanoverian Rochester Octavia
731 WEC All' Ottava 03/12 Chestnut Hanoverian WEC Legato ILA Calamity Song
732 CDC Isobel 06/12 Chestnut Trakehner CDC Bacchus CDC Isolde
733 PRH Refinesse 07/12 Chestnut Hanoverian PRH Loveletter PRH Rose Like Thunder
734 SSE Old Navy 08/12 Bay Hanoverian SSE Winter Is Coming SSE Ride My Vespa
735 WEC Thalia 07/12 Bay Hanoverian WEC Allegro WEC Sinnamon
781 VE Vigilante 09/11 Chestnut Trakehner Windfall Valhalla
904 CDC Riaza (lease) 06/12 Chestnut Trakehner Persaldo Rosamunde
1061 VS Falling To Pieces 10/12 Grey (black based) Finnish Warmblood VRH/KSH Elijah VS Seventh Miracle
1092 WD Wonderland 12/12 Perlino Trakehner WD Marquis WD American Beauty
1118 CDC Legionnaire's Lament 07/12 Bay Hanoverian LV Lacorde CDC Put It In A Song
1119 CDC Icona 11/12 Grey Sabino Trakehner CDC St. Clair CDC Isolde
1288 VS Radioactive 06/12 Seal brown Hanoverian DEC Dancer Hope VRH The Seventh Heaven
1368 UW The Lady's Portrait 10/12 Chestnut Tobiano Irish Sport Horse UW Art Nouveau UW Classic Olivia
1564 DEC Fortissimo 08/12 Bay Trakehner Feuertempel Das Verlorene Herz
1565 VRH Manchester 09/12 Grey Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) VRH Manhattan Cloud Nine
1603 CDC Knoxville 04/12 Grey (Black) Hanoverian WEC Knight Divine CDC Seduction
1760 IEQ Rihana 07/12 Rose Grey Arabian Al Tijani Raniyah
1761 SH Gemini Dream 09/12 Grey Arabian SH Dreamweaver SH Silver Harmony
1762 SH Sugar Magnolia 10/12 Bay Arabian SH Firefly SH Dewdrop
1763 CDC Al Tariq 12/12 Rose Grey Arabian CDC Window Dressed to Kill SH Silver Seraphim
1764 AAF Isadora 12/12 Grey (Black) Arabian Aswan Nobelle
2118 VRH January Love 12/12 Black Hanoverian VRH Don Larghetto ILA January Velvet
2198 CDC Déline Mirabel 11/11 chestnut Selle Français Incendie Pierrette
2331 CDC Picante 11/12 Palomino Trakehner CDC Bacchus CDC Phantasie
2344 CDC Royal Radiance 10/11 Dapple Blood Bay Trakehner Kingsley Red Velvet
2518 LEC Call Me Cassius 03/12 Bay Hanoverian LEC Call Me Casanova WEC Da Bling
2519 CDC Imperatrix 06/12 Liver Chestnut Hanoverian WEC Knight Divine ILA Calamity Song
2520 CDC Kosmopolitan 07/12 Black Sabino Hanoverian WEC Knight Divine WEC Da Bling
2521 VS Unbreakable 10/12 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Hanoverian Wirbelsturm Valentinstag
2522 CDC Rheinruhm 10/12 Bay Sabino Trakehner CDC St. Clair CDC Rheingold
2523 WEC Knight Divine 01/12 Black Hanoverian WEC Tanqueray and Tonic WEC Desert Rose
2524 VRH Carnico 01/12 Blush Grey Hanoverian Carrey de Lune VRH Danica
2525 WHM Denkul 06/11 Bay Trakehner WHM Dremmer WHM Brina Bay
2542 DMS Viva la Vida 02/13 Dark Bay Belgian Warmblood DMS Goldfever DMS Carli
2680 SB Medina 10/12 Chestnut Arabian Anubis Zam Zam
2980 SSE Haute Couture 11/12 Rose Grey Holsteiner SSE Cruise Control SSE Femme Fatale
2981 VS Euphoria 08/12 Smoky Black Finnish Warmblood Delano Faded Silhouette
2982 WD Bellini 08/12 Grey Irish Sport Horse WD Keep it Simple WD China Doll
2983 Skyfall REC 08/12 Liver Chestnut Hanoverian Sail On By REC VRH Celiane
2984 DEC Natural Rose 08/12 Rose Grey Trakehner Wind's Gold Natürlicher Wind
2985 CDC Lirael 09/12 Grey Hanoverian LV Lacorde LEC Cloudless Night
3053 Persephone 03/13 Black Oldenburg Rapscallion* Perpetua*
3205 SB Balthazar 01/13 Bay Arabian Ibn Inshirah El-Awra
3238 CDC Amadeuz 04/12 Bay Oldenburg Art Deco Galvana
3472 LEC Khaleesi 02/12 Bay Hanoverian LEC Call Me Casanova LEC Kalypso
3704 CDC Knightly 04/12 Bay Hanoverian WEC Knight Divine CDC Put it in a Song
3708 WD Villette 10/12 Bay Tovero Trakehner WD Syncopation WD Astrid
3709 Fifth Avenue S 11/12 Chesnut Hanoverian EEC Chardonnay EEC Daughter of the Niben
3710 WEC Valkyrie 11/12 Bay Hanoverian WEC Chagall CDC Valyria
3711 AAF Asadel 02/13 Black Arabian Aswan CDC Asilah
3712 DMA Espannas Ajmana 03/13 Liver Chestnut Arabian DMA Bourajman DMA Espanna Estopa
3714 AA Minhat 04/13 Bay Arabian Pegasi Aa Titania Aa
4199 Tanns Fürstenball 06/13 Black Westphalian AmB Black Cadillac AmB Charming Lady
4266 Illusion d'Auroy 06/13 dark bay Selle Français Kingstone d'Auroy Calypso d'Auroy
4660 Titans Curse CW 03/13 Black Tobiano American Warmblood VE L'Impeto Oscuro VE Exotropia
4682 Breaking Even SHS 08/13 Black Finnish Warmblood Solar Eclipse SHS VS Falling To Pieces
4940 Ocean Pearl's Gorch Fock 02/13 Rose Grey Thoroughbred Gallione * Serenity of the Seas*
4957 CDC Isolde 09/11 Grey Trakehner Laurenz Idalee
4958 CDC Rheingold 02/12 Bay Trakehner Ludendorff Rositten
4959 CDC Phantasie 03/12 Palomino Trakehner Garut Phan Phavorite xx
4960 CDC Talisa 05/12 Chestnut Trakehner All The Gold Tiaza
4961 WHM Frilla 11/11 Bay Trakehner WHM Maximus Tide WHM Frida
4962 CDC Duela 10/12 Grey Trakehner Tannenberg Dicapria
5419 WEC Diederik 12/12 Flaxen Chestnut Hanoverian WEC Legato WEC Wild Heart
5420 CDC Benvolio 01/13 Liver Chestnut Trakehner CDC Bacchus MSE's Beg for Mercy
5421 CDC Belgravia 01/13 Black Oldenburg CDC Bacchus CDC Black Tambourine
5422 CDC Calexico 01/13 Chestnut Sabino Hanoverian VRH Carnico WEC Da Bling
5460 AA Zameel 05/13 Flaxen Chestnut Arabian Apep Aa Sharatan Aa
5461 SH Instant Karma 07/13 Bay Arabian SH Romeo Delight SH Sweetleaf
5600 GOS Celebrían 08/13 Palomino Trakehner GOS Rebel Gold GOS Celebrindal
5640 WEC Crescendo 04/13 Chestnut Hanoverian Colonel III Jazmine Bellz
5862 SB Saladin 05/13 Black Arabian Ibn Inshirah Shararat
5890 CDC Bellarena 07/13 Bay Oldenburg CDC Bacchus CDC Valyria
5891 WD Adagio 03/13 Black Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) PF Monet WD Baroness
5892 VS Venezuela 02/13 Flaxen Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Flammentanz CDC Vienna
6080 CDC Felicien 09/13 Bay Trakehner WHM Denkul WHM Frilla
6083 CDC Bravado 10/12 Flaxen Chestnut Trakehner Top Gun Beatriss
6084 CDC Cascadia 12/12 Bay Holsteiner Revelry Stradelle
6085 CDC Tux 'n Tails 06/13 Black Sabino Trakehner CDC St. Clair CDC Talisa
6086 CDC Kravitz 01/13 Liver Chestnut Hanoverian WEC Knight Divine ILA Calamity Song
6446 Made by Poetry L 11/13 Dark Dappled Bay Danish Warmblood Poetry in Motion L Calibra L
6645 DMS Enya 09/13 Grey (Chestnut) Belgian Warmblood DMS I am Legend DMS Sienna
7524 Miss American Pie S 07/13 Fleabitten Grey Trakehner EEC Dilettante SB Medina
7525 Marzipan S 06/13 Buckskin Trakehner EEC Romancier EEC Magnificence
7526 WD Heatherwood 04/13 Grey Oldenburg WD Deja Vu WD Hyacinth
7527 Epiphany HF 09/13 Grey Swedish Warmblood Howler HF LEC Elusive Embrace
7528 Ragnarok R'E 09/13 Liver Chestnut Leopard Knabstrupper (Sportshorse) Seawolf R'E Rubicon R'E
7529 Siris R'E 10/13 Black Leopard Knabstrupper (Sportshorse) Argent Rex R'E Skylark R'E
7531 CDC Pacifico 07/13 Palomino Trakehner VE Vigilante CDC Phantasie
7532 CDC Illuminati 09/13 Grey Trakehner VE Vigilante CDC Isolde
7534 CDC Delphine 09/13 Black Trakehner CDC St. Clair CDC Duela
7777 DP Xaar Melody 11/13 Smoky Cream Sabino Thoroughbred DP Xandretta DP Xaar Boom
7787 WHM Barolo 01/13 Rose Grey Trakehner OP Basillico OP Dicembre
8001 RHC Royal Colours 05/12 Bay Arabian Kingston Triana
8002 Aria Qatar RHC 05/12 Liver Chestnut Arabian Anaza El Farid Empressa
8206 FR Olympos 09/13 Chestnut Tobiano Finnish Warmblood Outcast Olympia I
8213 CDC Toccata 11/12 Flaxen Chesnut Trakehner CDC Bacchus CDC Talisa
8311 Juniper d'Auroy 10/13 Bay Selle Français Kingstone d'Auroy Arabesque d'Auroy
8516 Supreme BV 12/13 Black Hanoverian Chalkblack HAS West Park Keep the Beat
8620 DEC Schnell 10/12 Cremello Trakehner MSE Skinfaxe Golden Heart
8717 SSE Thranduil 01/14 Grey Holsteiner SSE The 2nd Law SSE Haute Couture
9110 DEC Feuerball 04/12 Liver Chestnut Trakehner Feuertempel Maybe Hopeless
9436 MHS Careless Whisper 12/11 Black Thoroughbred MHS Vision MHS Seether
9588 NA Nasheedat 06/12 Grey Arabian Jahzahbat NA (Deceased) NA Dibbani (Deceased)
9589 Mhysa KA 01/14 Bay Trakehner Baratheon Cerise
10187 Nogaro d'Auroy 01/14 chestnut Selle Français J'adore du Tussock CDC Déline Mirabel
10881 GOS Tindómiel 04/14 Seal Brown Trakehner GOS Jack Of Hearts GOS Tinúviel
11062 QMR Evening Serenade 03/14 Seal Brown Minimal Splash Thoroughbred QMR Cashing In HPS / FE Lantea's Serenade
11063 CDC Rohara 03/14 Bay Arabian RHC Royal Colours Anadil
11064 CDC Rayya 03/14 Chestnut Arabian Aria Qatar RHC CDC Hpnotiq
11065 CDC Hazar 03/14 Black Arabian RA Al-Kaleef SH Shades of Midnight
11481 The Mad King 01/14 Black Thoroughbred RoosterTeeth AchievementHunter
11761 CDC Empressive 06/14 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) WHM Henri d'Aramitz LEC Elusive Embrace
11785 Pulp Fiction PL 06/14 Bay Sabino Trakehner MSE Almost Paradise Picasso Moon
11800 Filmstar FR 06/14 Dark Bay Trakehner Blackmores (Retired) Falling Skies
11899 You Do Voodoo 12/13 Seal Brown Thoroughbred Voodoo King Told You So
11934 Rushtide 05/14 Dark Bay Thoroughbred Midnight Affair Harlin's Getaway
11938 Lolita d'Auroy 09/12 Chestnut Selle Français Horus du Tussock CDC Déline Mirabel
12233 Rohirrim's Domencio 06/14 Bay Trakehner The Moonless Sky HL Antikythera NC
12405 CDC Lacoste 10/12 Bay Hanoverian LV Lacorde ILA Lady Pilot
12449 CDC Condora 09/13 Grey Hanoverian VRH Carnico ILA Lady Pilot
12745 Nouvelle CN 08/14 Bay Swedish Warmblood No Shit Sherlock CN Étoile d'Or CN
12868 CDC Tyene 09/14 Chestnut Trakehner WHM Henri d'Aramitz CDC Talisa
12869 CDC Finnikin 09/14 Chestnut Trakehner DEC Fortissimo WHM Frilla
12872 CDC Encore 09/14 chestnut Hanoverian DEC Fortissimo LEC Elusive Embrace
12875 SF Geneva 09/14 Bay Holsteiner SF Vollmond SF Kitty Kat
12876 SF Interstellar 09/14 Chestnut Trakehner SF Inferno CDC Isobel
12975 GOS Haranyë 09/15 Buckskin Trakehner GOS Orion's Defiance GOS Honey and Clover
12976 GOS Lissuin 09/15 Bay Roan Trakehner Fantast IX GOS Lúthien
13050 LMEC Call On Me 08/14 Black Danish Warmblood LMEC Cadre Noir LMEC All Natural
13152 QMR Summer's Fortune 10/14 Bay Trakehner QMR Summer Wind HRST Miss Fortune
13198 LEC Cloudless Night 11/11 Grey (Black) Hanoverian LEC Call Me Casanova LEC Set Fire To Rain
13205 CDC Rhaenys 07/14 Grey Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) VRH Manchester LEC Khaleesi
13656 Tanns Nobelmann 08/14 Black Westphalian AmB Black Cadillac Tanns Dancing Queen
13938 Monachyle's Passeriná 08/14 Bay Trakehner Dressed to Thrill Undercover Lover
14299 TSS Zidrik 10/12 Bay German Riding Pony TSS Single and Lonely TSS Bucke
14300 TSS Lidoulette 06/13 Black German Riding Pony TSS Uttero 9 TSS Lanavi
14301 TSS Vienka 02/14 Bay German Riding Pony TSS Rester TSS Vaiola
14302 TSS Bakolla 06/14 Grey (Black) German Riding Pony TSS Bittersweat TSS Granula
14872 Chalvin's Valetta 10/14 Seal Brown Trakehner Kryptonite Valenta
15162 JA Almyr 'Uqab bint Alnsr 11/14 Flaxen Chestnut Arabian JA Alnsr Alsamat JA Gold Flame of the Desert
15320 What's this XX 07/14 Seal Brown Thoroughbred Nightmare Before Christmas XX Sacharel XX
15348 Sultan CH 07/14 Black Arabian Kahleel Marquessa
15409 GOS Wintring 01/15 Grey (Black) Trakehner GOS Jack Of Hearts GOS Winter Rose
15740 CDC Naubolus 01/15 Bay Trakehner WHM Henri d'Aramitz DEC Natural Rose
15742 CDC Ottilia 01/15 Chestnut Hanoverian SSE Old Navy Fifth Avenue S
16008 Khione WM 03/14 Grey (Black) Trakehner Call Me Cam Kiana
16020 Nova d'Auroy 09/13 black Selle Français Highlander d'Auroy Sateen REC
16024 Olympiade d'Auroy 03/14 black Selle Français Imperial du Tussock CDC Déline Mirabel
16026 Orage d'Auroy 03/14 dark bay Selle Français Jackpot d'Auroy Illusion d'Auroy
16442 New York Blaze 05/14 Dark Bay Thoroughbred New York Charm Blaze of Glory
16574 FC Dixie Chick 01/15 Chestnut Thoroughbred Storm Cat Imperial Bronze
17361 Kilarion W (lease) 11/14 Buckskin Zweibrucker Killian W The Goldstorm ZA
17492 Ikonique REC 11/14 Dark Bay Trakehner Sicambre La Vie
17585 HRST Mondschein Menuett 04/15 Dark Bay Trakehner Omicron NC HRST Miss Fortune
17622 Galileo SHS 03/15 Chestnut Thoroughbred Solar Eclipse SHS Scholarly Point SHS
17855 Eirian Aa 04/13 Bay Arabian Apep Aa Electra Aa
18164 Chalvin's Evita 02/15 Bay Trakehner Kryptonite Chalvin's Epona
18605 AW Houdini 03/15 Bay Thoroughbred Magic Man StarChaser
18681 Gondolier NC 04/15 Chestnut Trakehner Baracus NC Frei NC
18710 SF Dalí 05/15 Bay Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) PF Monet SF Tasker
18711 Fredrikelof's Evzenek 05/15 Palomino Minimal Overo Czech Warmblood VRH Echo WEC All' Ottava
18737 Monachyle's Kevelaer 07/15 Dark Bay Trakehner Rohirrim's Dexter Monachyle's Passeriná
18738 Monachyle's Valancé 07/15 Liver Chestnut Trakehner Rohirrim's Dexter Sovereign's Princess of Hearts
18853 HRST Yaoundé 07/15 Dark Bay Trakehner HRST Smokin' Cigarette HRST Yoletta II
18882 CDC Thero 06/15 Black Sabino Trakehner CDC Rheinruhm GOS Tindómiel
18884 CDC Solitaire 06/15 Bay Hanoverian CDC Solaris WEC Thalia
18885 CDC Habanera 01/15 Liver Chestnut Hanoverian WHM Henri d'Aramitz WEC All' Ottava
19214 London W 05/15 Liver chestnut Hanoverian Liquorice W Kilani W
19238 Syndicate KN 05/15 Bay Hanoverian IPS Salinero SVS Starcrossed Lover
19625 WDKH Scyla 11/14 Buckskin Kinsky Horse WDKH Scyron WDKH Anouk
19782 Epilogue L 07/15 Black Danish Warmblood Calimero L LEC Elusive Embrace
19783 Ex Astris L 07/15 Bay Swedish Warmblood Hugo Boss L Epiphany HF
19784 Vibrissae SF 01/15 Buckskin Tobiano German Riding Pony No Limits B Catitude B
19791 Révolte d'Auroy 08/15 dark bay Selle Français Kenzo d'Auroy Illusion d'Auroy
19869 CDC Abhorsen 09/18 Black Arabian AA Zameel AA Minhat
19883 Abaddon d'Coeurs 06/18 Black Selle Français Titans Curse CW Juniper d'Auroy
19885 CDC Eurydome 09/18 Grey (Chestnut) Arabian SH Instant Karma AAF Isadora
20076 Monachyle's Bayshine 01/15 Bay Roan Trakehner Bayfire II Ocean Shine
20421 SF Sirius 07/15 Black Sabino Trakehner CDC St. Clair Samahat Aa
20422 SF Brazilionaire 07/15 Bay Tobiano British Warmblood CDC Awake My Soul SF Mon Ange Bebe
20654 Monarch's Winged Hussar 09/15 Grey Holsteiner High Voltage AW Monarch's Husaria
20661 Maestro d'Auroy 02/13 Dark Bay Roan Trakehner Malachi* Aquamarnia*
20713 SCF Panthera 01/14 Black Swedish Riding Pony Foundation Foundation
20714 SCF Spellbinder 01/14 Chestnut Swedish Riding Pony Foundation Foundation
20715 La La Lemon SF 01/14 Palomino Welsh Pony (Section B) Sweet Lime Gold Rush
20716 Jumpy Monkey SF 09/13 Grey Grade (Pony) Cream of Earl Grey Chocolate Macaroon
20717 Berry Poppins SF 05/14 Chestnut New Forest Pony Berry Refreshing Currant Affair
20718 Kiwi's Big Adventure SF 01/14 Bay Welsh Pony (Section B) Mango Madness Hot Tropic
20721 CDC Ovation 09/15 Chestnut Hanoverian SSE Old Navy Fifth Avenue S
20723 CDC Vesta 09/15 Bay Trakehner WHM Henri d'Aramitz WD Villette
20724 CDC Aëdon 09/15 Bay Trakehner WHM Dare I Say QMR Ariel's Song
20725 CDC Cadmus 09/15 Flaxen Chestnut Trakehner CDC Benvolio MT Caramel Treasure
20726 CDC Belize 06/15 Bay Belgian Warmblood LEC Call Me Cassius DMS Viva La Vida
20727 CDC Uppsala 06/15 Grey (Chestnut) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) VRH Manchester PRH Refinesse
20734 Dubai CH 03/15 Liver Chestnut Arabian Shaheed Al Sudan Bahlia
20784 CDC Navy Blues 09/15 Bay Swedish Warmblood SSE Old Navy Epona HF
20787 Ocean Pearl's Christmas Baby 09/15 Fleabitten Grey (Black) Thoroughbred Marzipan Continental SHS
20880 CE Ihara 09/15 Chestnut Tobiano Trakehner WD Picasso CDC Isobel
20883 CDC Valentien 09/18 Black Tobiano Trakehner CDC Felicien WD Villette
20899 LMEC Solstice 09/15 Dark bay Danish Warmblood Solitary Vagabond CN LMEC Nikita
21674 DP Goldküste 10/13 Palomino Splash Thoroughbred DP Golden Galaxy DP Diamond Sky
21738 Monachyle's Nighthawk 11/15 Bay Splash Thoroughbred Dauntless Corvette
21748 CDC Wanderlust 10/15 Palomino Trakehner Enamorado SHS WD Wonderland
21749 CDC Conchord 10/15 Palomino Overo Trakehner SH October Rust WD Curacao
21750 CDC Moirai 10/15 Palomino Trakehner Ishan SF Mystical
21751 CDC Anaxarete 10/15 Buckskin Trakehner CDC Pacifico WHM Anawega
21759 Monachyle's Dramatik 10/15 Buckskin Trakehner CDC Pacifico Tagia
21760 Monachyle's Honeybrook 10/15 Bay Trakehner SF Aquila Monachyle's Aeronwen
21761 Monachyle's Bluelight Bay 10/15 Blue Roan Trakehner CDC Benvolio Monachyle's Bayshine
21837 Nasheeta CH 03/15 Chestnut Arabian Al Reyhan Nikeese Zabriena
21838 Urodziny Aa 11/15 Grey (Black) Arabian Palas* Uralia*
22216 Monachyle's Times Square 12/15 Cremello Trakehner Tango QMR Mistletoe
22453 WD Daisy Princess 01/16 Bay Trakehner HRST Rassparo FWEC Divine Destiny
22482 WPW Chaos Theory (lease) 09/15 Black Dominant White Trakehner MSE Look at that Sass (E) Falling Skies
22830 LSS Akifah-Dinah (A) T 01/16 Chestnut Trakehner Broudein's Rum N Redbull Pinetree's Akilah
23528 RL Royal Rosette 11/15 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RL Sir Adargo AURORA VAN ALDER
23546 Kavango CH 12/15 Black Trakehner Likoto Kateja
23547 Imperia CH 12/15 Palomino Trakehner Arthus Ilane
23548 Adelpha NC 01/16 Black Trakehner Antritt NC Warrior Princess NC
23770 Monachyle's L'Austral 03/16 Chestnut Oldenburg York's Recendent Monachyle's Flashstorm
23861 MSE La Croix (lease) 04/16 Black Sella Italiano MSE Wheels of Time Summer Love SHS
24025 Monachyle's Ruislip 01/15 Bay Oldenburg
24072 WD Ransom Paycheck 01/16 Dark Bay Trakehner HRST Rassparo WHEC Mayday
24073 WD High Voltage 01/16 Chestnut Trakehner HRST Rassparo Wonderland's Fourteenth of the Hill
24074 WDKH Sherlock 01/16 Palomino Kinsky Horse WDKH Scyron WDKH Diandra
24801 WPW Nephilim 10/15 Black British Warmblood
24960 Monachyle's Crescent Prince 06/16 Bay Trakehner HRST Smokin' Cigarette HRST Edelmut
25164 Monachyle's Ra'thema (lease) 01/16 Buckskin Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Diaconus Vintage Lady AW
25226 CDC Eidolon 11/18 Black Trakehner WD Ransom Paycheck Chalvin's Evita
25227 CDC Scotch and Soda 11/18 Liver Chestnut Sabino Hanoverian Skyfall REC CDC Kosmopolitan
25228 CDC Aphelion 11/18 Black Trakehner CDC Naubolus Adelpha NC
25229 CDC Isaboe 11/18 Black Trakehner SB Balthazar CDC Icona
25230 CDC Arjuro 01/16 Black Trakehner NGW Titus WHM Anawega
25231 CDC Tippideaux 01/16 Flaxen Chestnut Trakehner AA Zameel CDC Tyene
25232 CDC Evanjalin 01/16 Liver Chestnut Trakehner CDC Illuminati TMBR Eponine
25233 CDC Revenant 01/16 Grey (Chestnut) Trakehner CDC Illuminati CDC Riaza
25234 CDC Odyssée 01/16 Seal Brown Hanoverian SSE Old Navy SSE Haute Couture
25265 PCRA Friend or Foe 05/16 Black Trakehner EsS Patton HRST Feuerdiamant
25525 CDC Quintana 11/18 Palomino Tobiano Finnish Warmblood FR Olympos VS Euphoria
25526 CDC Goya 11/18 Black Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) SF Dalí CDC Bellarena
25528 CDC Byzantium 01/18 Bay Roan Trakehner SF Interstellar Monachyle's Bayshine
25530 CDC Ulysses 11/18 Black Hanoverian VS Unbreakable CDC Lirael
25531 CDC Yancy 07/16 Bay Trakehner CDC Rheinruhm HRST Yoletta II
25532 CDC Furiosa 07/16 Black Trakehner MSE Old Number Seven (E) MSE Full Disclosure (E)
25533 CDC Umbra 07/16 Smoky Blue Roan Trakehner MSE Half Past Midnight (T) MSE Under the Influence (T)
25613 WPW Come What May 01/16 Bay British Warmblood Manhatton VN WYE Red Cadillac
25978 Red Velvet AT (lease) 08/16 Chestnut Sella Italiano SSE Watermark MSE Bulletproof Vest
26859 OCN Apocalypse, Nowish 01/16 Black Trakehner TMBR Abraxas Sovereign's Remains Of An Angel
26927 WPW Indira 11/16 Dark Bay Sabino Arabian WPW Ibiza RA Emira
27324 Eretria's Pryderi (lease) 12/16 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) RDEC Pavillion CMS Mystic Blue
27744 Myosotis MSE Twice (lease) 01/17 Bay Overo German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI) Myosotis Frankly Giant MSE Tenacious Duplicity
27756 TMBR Mariposa 01/17 Bay Trakehner TMBR Abraxas Mhysa KA
27939 Myosotis' Goddess 02/17 Palomino Trakehner Myosotis' Gusion C DP Goldküste
27940 Myosotis' Ladybug 02/17 Dominant White (Chestnut) Trakehner Myosotis' Frankly Giant UW Larisia
28065 Myosotis' Faps-la-Petit 12/16 Chestnut Trakehner Myosotis' Frankly Giant Myosotis' Fleur
28067 Myosotis' L'espoir 01/17 Black Tobiano Trakehner Myosotis' Paintboy Myosotis' Launa Crack
28205 KPE Tabriz 02/16 Bay Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) KPE Trivoli KPE Ghana
28206 KPE Angelica 02/16 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) KPE Animagus KPE Solla Sullew
28569 WPW Warpath 03/17 Chestnut Trakehner SF Interstellar CDC Wanderlust
28675 ART Larkspur 04/17 Grulla Tobiano Pintabian
28706 SHS Hastur (lease) 09/16 Chestnut min splash Trakehner Actaeon NC Chalvin's Dania
28753 ART Rosalie 04/17 Buckskin Overo Pintabian
28892 GE Wotsit (lease) 02/17 Flaxen Chestnut Splash Thoroughbred MSE Jack's Smirking Revenge MSE Blissful Deception
29162 RP Domaine Le Réviseur 03/17 Chestnut Trakehner MSE Maker's Mark ADS Desperate & Amusing
29353 CDC Xecutive 09/18 Perlino Sabino Trakehner DEC Schnell DP Xaar Melody
29370 Monarch's Hells Bells 07/17 bay Thoroughbred Ocean Pearl's Benzin Femme Noire SHS
29560 Z Cantorella 07/17 Seal Brown Arabian
29941 Myosotis' Doldenrebe 06/17 Bay Trakehner Myosotis' Page CDC Delphine
29942 Myosotis' Thymian 06/17 Grey (Chestnut) Trakehner Myosotis' Inkheart CDC Toccata
30348 Solera GV 08/16 Chestnut Freiberger
30403 Hilke's Canaletto 04/17 Dark Chestnut Trakehner Campino GRE Golden Sun
30499 CDC Tofino 03/15 Grey (Chestnut) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) VRH Manchester VS Venezuela
30500 CDC Valhalla 11/15 Bay Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) WD Adagio WEC Valkyrie
30559 WPW The Glass Delusion 09/17 Black Holsteiner SSE Thranduil Juniper d'Auroy
30560 WPW Drowned In Moonlight 09/17 Isabelline Palomino Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) CDC Conchord CDC Uppsala
31159 WPW Valloma 01/18 Grey (Black) Arabian CRABBET CRABBET
31160 CDC Griffith 09/18 Grey (Black) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) WHM Mantis WHM Ffionette
31207 Adrasteia GV 09/16 Black Trakehner Melborne Star* Savannah*
31295 DPPR Listless Monsters 02/18 Sooty Strawberry Roan Trakehner MSE Invisible Monsters GOS Lissuin
31296 CDC Bohemian 06/17 Chestnut Trakehner CDC Bravado Broudein's Bagheera
31297 CDC Róisín 06/17 Bay Trakehner CDC Felicien EEC Rosalie
31298 CDC Tahsin 06/17 Black Sabino Arabian JA Al Wahid Ibn Alnsr+++ CDC Hazar
31299 CDC Wraspberry Ale 06/17 Seal Brown Thoroughbred IL Black Lager What's This xx
31579 AWE Cathedral Grove 10/17 Bay Thoroughbred Nootka Sound Iconography
31580 AWE Prophetess 10/17 Grey (Chestnut) Thoroughbred Futures Voodoo Queen
31581 AWE Shatterglass 10/17 Black Thoroughbred Numair Cold Fire
32106 A Dancing Queen SSV 04/18 Black Trakehner November Rain SSV Alcantara SSV
32192 Artemisia NC 05/18 Black Sabino Trakehner Aristotle NC CDC Thero
32535 WEC Carnivale 07/18 Bay Hanoverian LEC Chaplin CDC Solitaire
32662 WPW Come Hell Or High Water 08/18 Bay Sabino Trakehner Pulp Fiction PL GOS Celebrían
33226 Monarch's Jägermeister 05/18 seal bay Trakehner Monarch's Ghirardelli Foxberry's Chariya
33272 WPW What The Thunder Said 10/18 Flaxen Liver Chestnut Roan Thoroughbred
33273 WPW Thronebreaker 10/18 Seal Brown Thoroughbred
34609 CDC Trocadéro 01/19 Seal Brown Sabino Anglo-Arabian (AHA) CDC Tahsin Cosmopolitan SHS
34610 CDC Allure 09/17 Grey (Bay) Holsteiner SSE Thranduil CDC Cascadia
34611 CDC Rhapsody 01/19 Black Hanoverian CDC Ravenswood VA Fifth Avenue S
34612 CDC Rumours 01/19 Seal Brown Hanoverian VS Radioactive Supreme BV
34613 CDC Firedrake 01/19 Bay Westphalian Tanns Fürstenball LEC Khaleesi
34614 Bon Temps d'Coeurs 09/18 Bay Selle Français Breaking Even SHS Lolita d'Auroy
34615 CDC Rheinlied 01/19 Grey (Bay) Trakehner CDC Notturno CDC Rheingold
34616 CDC Millefeuille 01/19 Cremello Trakehner DEC Schnell Marzipan S
34617 CDC Nymphéa 01/19 Grey (Chestnut) Trakehner DEC Feuerball DEC Natural Rose
35110 HRST Magierin 01/19 Grey (Black) Trakehner HRST Firefly HRST Miss Magic
35111 CDC Somnambulist 02/19 Grey (Palomino) Tobiano Trakehner DPPR See The Crown Stellar Fox FN
35112 CDC Pallas 02/19 Bay Sabino Trakehner Monachyle's Kevelaer Perama NC
35113 CDC Citavita 03/19 Chestnut Trakehner WHM Barolo GOS Celebrían
35114 CDC Fable 03/19 Chestnut Trakehner Pulp Fiction PL WVS Fidgie
35115 CDC Irukandji 03/19 Grey (Black) Sabino Trakehner Rohirrim's Domencio CDC Icona
35118 CDC Witchlight 03/19 Grey (Palomino) Trakehner CDC Conchord GOS Wintring
35119 CDC Wonderstruck 03/19 Buckskin Trakehner Bedford's Empire WD Wonderland
35120 CDC Soliloquy 03/19 Chestnut Trakehner CDC Benvolio Sweet Symphony SHS
35121 CDC Lachlan 03/19 Bay Hanoverian CDC Lacoste LEC Cloudless Night
35122 CDC Tahani 03/19 Grey (Seal Brown) Trakehner CDC Al Tariq GOS Tintallë
35123 CDC Call Me Cassian 03/19 Bay Hanoverian LEC Call Me Cassius Eretria's Pryderi
35124 Calligraphie d'Coeurs 03/19 Bay Selle Français LEC Call Me Cassius Olympiade d'Auroy
35125 CDC Evoke 03/19 Grey (Black) Holsteiner Monarch's Winged Hussar SF Geneva
35126 CDC Eugenides 03/19 Black Hanoverian LEC Espionage CDC Ottilia
35127 CDC Dancing Dove 03/19 Bay Hanoverian WEC Diederik VRH January Love
35128 CDC Metropolitan 03/19 Black Danish Warmblood Made by Poetry L CDC Kosmopolitan
35129 CDC Miss Lonelyhearts 03/19 Bay Trakehner Filmstar FR Miss American Pie S
35130 CDC Vasya 03/19 Chestnut Trakehner Galileo SHS Chalvin's Valetta
35131 CDC Tiamat 03/19 Flaxen Chestnut Trakehner CDC Bravado CDC Toccata
35428 Saffron PL 01/19 Buckskin Tobiano Trakehner Caravaggio PL Supernova PL
35615 KLN Kalwados 06/19 Red Roan Trakehner KLN Fanaber KLN Kartagina
35867 TMBR Cyrano 06/19 Sooty Bay Tobiano Trakehner TMS Sensitive Prince Cythera NC
35943 Utopie d'Coeurs 11/17 Buckskin Selle Français Monachyle's Ra'thema Juniper d'Auroy
35944 CDC Albiorix 07/18 Black Tobiano Irish Sport Horse Tanns Nobelmann UW The Lady's Portrait
35945 Aurore d'Coeurs 07/18 Chestnut Selle Français CDC Encore Nova d'Auroy
35946 CDC Orcasong 03/19 Seal Brown Splash Thoroughbred Rushtide QMR Evening Serenade
35947 CDC Florenza 07/19 Black Westphalian Tanns Fürstenball PRH Refinesse
35948 CDC De Lancey 07/19 Black Trakehner AAF Asadel CDC Delphine
35949 CDC Knockout 07/19 Grey (Black) Hanoverian CDC Knoxville Persephone
35950 CDC Assayer 07/19 Bay Thoroughbred Galileo SHS MHS Careless Whisper
35951 CDC Oracle 07/19 Bay Hanoverian CDC Ovation CDC Belize
35952 CDC Ohlàlà 07/19 Grey (Chestnut) Holsteiner Orage d'Auroy SSE Haute Couture
35953 CDC Revert to Brightstone 07/19 Grey (Bay) Finnish Warmblood Skyfall REC VS Falling to Pieces
35954 CDC Circe 07/19 Black Sabino Trakehner WD Ransom Paycheck WPW Chaos Theory
35955 CDC Lucciola 07/19 Black Sella Italiano MSE La Croix Red Velvet AT
35956 CDC Lawless 07/19 Chestnut Hanoverian CDC Legionnaire's Lament WEC Valkyrie
35957 CDC Fury Road 07/19 Bay Trakehner WPW Warpath CDC Furiosa
35958 CDC Innes 07/19 Chestnut Tobiano Splash Trakehner GE Wotsit CE Ihara
35959 CDC Psylla 07/19 Chestnut Sabino Trakehner CDC Tux 'n Tails Monachyle's Passeriná
35960 CDC Menswear 07/19 Black Trakehner CDC Tux 'n Tails Marzipan S
35961 CDC Clockwise 07/19 Chestnut Irish Sport Horse Nogaro d'Auroy UW The Lady's Portrait
35962 CDC Lucian 07/19 Buckskin Tobiano Trakehner Pss Leggo Wyken Hall‘s Lanikai
35963 CDC Domina 07/19 Bay Trakehner Monachyle's Crescent Prince Myosotis' Doldenrebe
36673 Cora HX 05/19 Bay Norwegian Warmblood Hertug* Cobra*
37017 Épique d'Coeurs 11/19 Bay Selle Français Epilogue L Révolte d'Auroy
37018 Énigme d'Coeurs 11/19 Grey (Black) Selle Français Orage d'Auroy Epiphany HF

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