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Regina Walker
IRL: My name is Amanda and I\'m 22 y/o. I live in Denmark.

URL: My name is Regina Walker, and I am 22 y/o. I live in England.

Player Info

Grilled Cheese • Green
Available Credits 0
Available Funds $28,700

Player's Stables

ID Stable Name Prefix Location Value Type
2254 Kilborn Riding Center Kilborn's Eliseville, England $100,000 Breeding

Player's Horses

ID Name DOB Color Breed Sire Dam
25295 ES Rodheatte 03/16 Black Leopard Knabstrupper (Sportshorse) ES And They Named Him Bluefoot ES Angelica
35463 Kilborn's Xcalibur 01/19 Black Leopard Knabstrupper (Classical) Prince Arthur Decadenee
35468 Kilborn's Top Notch 11/18 Bay Roan Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Jetset Udona
35469 Kilborn's Arabella 07/18 Seal Brown Hanoverian Fürsten-Look Bellevue
35473 Kilborn's Deputy Flyer 04/19 Black (grey) Thoroughbred Munnings Karakorum Fugitive
35748 Kilborn's Dior 05/19 Bay (Rose Grey) Hanoverian Kilborn's Ziano Aehrenthal's Witchduck
35752 Kilborn's Calimo 01/19 Bay Hanoverian PSSC Two Steps from Hell Terabithia De Duarte
35763 Kilborn's Top Gear 05/19 Bay Roan Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Kilborn's Top Notch Kilborn's Arabella
35896 Kilborn's Making Cinnamon 07/19 Bay Thoroughbred Kilborn's Deputy Flyer Kilborn's Making Rainbows
35966 Kilborn's Gammelsmoelf 03/19 Black Minimal Splash (Grey) Shetland Pony Wireless Wave Smoelfine
35967 Kilborn's Agent Cassidy 07/19 Bay Thoroughbred Kilborn's Agent Eighty Six Kilborn's Taylor's Girl
35968 Kilborn's Mary-Ann 01/19 Black Sabino Curly Horse Curly Daisies
35969 Kilborn's Cream Puff 03/19 Perlino Shetland Pony Foundation Foundation
36902 Kilborn's Top Form 10/19 Bay Roan Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Kilborn's Top Gear Kilborn's Dior
36903 Kilborn's Ostrogoth 10/19 Black Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Attila Kilborn's Carrica
36904 Kilborn's Sheriff Swan 10/19 Bay Hanoverian Kilborn's Deputy Flyer Kilborn's Arabella
36905 SW Chamane 06/19 Black (Grey) Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) PSSC MADE FOR LOVING YOU CABALETTA
37053 Kilborn's Acorn 05/19 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) EWE Starhawk EWE Into Infinity
37159 Árvakur frá Frostur 06/17 Palomino Icelandic Abel Baga
37160 Fjörsvartnir frá Steinfuru 04/18 Sooty Buckskin Icelandic Foundation Foundation
37161 Adelsteinn frá Frostur 09/18 Silver Smooky Black (Grey) Icelandic Árvakur frá Frostur Nett frá Frostur
37202 Kilborn's Charmeleon 12/19 Liver Chestnut Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Kilborn's Acorn Kilborn's Arabella
37203 Kilborn's Prada 12/19 Black Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) SW Chamane Kilborn's Dior
37423 Kilborn's Elmeera 12/19 Chestnut Tobiano Dutch Warmblood (Riding Horse) Kilborn's Agent Cassidy TBS ZAUBERIN I VOM SCHIMMELHOF
37425 Hugrún frá Frostur 08/19 Grullo (Black Dun) Icelandic Foundation Foundation
37426 Embla frá Frostur 09/17 Red Dun Icelandic Foundation Foundation
37427 Bláma frá Frostur 01/20 Blue Roan Icelandic Foundation Foundation
37428 Ljóskolla frá Frostur 01/20 Chestnut Tobiano Overo Splash Icelandic Foundation Foundation
37429 Blaka frá Frostur 09/18 Palomino Icelandic Foundation Foundation
37430 Heiði of Stormhaven 08/19 Bay Tobiano Splash Icelandic Álfur of Stormhaven Embla of Stormhaven

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